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Gajanan Maharaj Temple

The Gajanan Maharaj Temple at Kanhor in Badlapur, Maharashtra is a place of high reverence for the devotees of Gajanan Maharaj. The Sant or sage is a household name in Maharashtra, especially among the Marathi speaking community and known for his religious discourses and advice which encouraged a simple life that’s high on moral values and ethics in all areas of one’s life. The temple was built by his ardent followers in his memory.


The Gajanan Maharaj Temple at Kanhor is located just outside Badlapur village in central suburbs of Mumbai. It sits atop a small hillock surrounded by greenery and nature. Devotees and visitors are attracted to the temple as it is abundant in natural beauty and has a brilliant landscape.

History of Gajanan Maharaj Temple at Kanhor

Gajanan Maharaj appeared in the dream of one of his most ardent devotees, Shripad Rao Kulkarni and told him to construct a temple. The devotee became restless and began searching for a suitable piece of land that would befit the status of the holy saint. Upon hearing the wish of the Saint, another devotee, Vitthalrao Raut offered a piece of his land free of cost for construction of the temple. The land was soon transferred to the already established, Gajanan Maharaj Seva Samiti. The laying of the foundation stone or the Bhoomi Pooja was done by the father of Vitthalrao Raut, Shri. Ganpatrao Raut.

It is said that during the construction, a tree of ‘audumbar’ started growing just besides the plan location as if by miracle. The tree has high religious significance in Hindu mythology and is believed to bring good luck, peace and prosperity. Since 1981, a festival called Prakat Diwas is observed here and celebrated under the shade of the tree. The initial financial problems associated with the funding of construction work dissipated as many social workers contributed generously towards the cause. The dream of this grand Gajanan Maharaj Temple was finally realized on Dussehra day in 1981. 

Inside the Gajanan Maharaj Temple

The temple was completed in 1985. It has a beautiful statue of the Maharaj made of pure white marble stone. The padukas or holy feet are also installed nearby. The Sabah mandap or the congregation hall is used to hold pujas, religious functions, bhajan and kirtan programmes and more. There is a fireplace constructed inside for holding yagnas and homams.

There is a photo gallery inside the temple where pictures of various events through which Gajanan Maharaj taught simple but valuable lessons are displayed. The temple also has a small kitchen where Prasad is cooked for the devotees. There are four small but comfortable rooms where devotees who wish to stay back can relax or read religious scriptures.

About Gajanan Maharaj

Sant Gajanan Maharaj is a famous and much-revered Hindu Saint from Shegaon village of Buldhana District, Maharashtra. Followers of the Maharaj believe that he is the avatar of Lord Datta Guru.

The Maharaj appeared suddenly and mysteriously in Shegaon in 1878 influenced people with his knowledge and thoughts. He used to propagate simplicity and spiritual strength and was committed to social caused and human welfare. The Maharaj attained Maha Samadhi on 8th September 1910 at Shegaon on Rushi Panchami Day according to the Hindu calendar. Gajanan Maharaj has over 30 million followers spread all across the country.

How to Reach Gajanan Maharaj Temple at Kanhor

There are state transport and private buses plying from Badlapur Railway station to Kanhor. The distance is approximately seven kilometers. One can reach Badlapur which is a main station of the Central Railway section from CST, Thane or Kalyan. Badlapur is approximately 70 km from Mumbai city.

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