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Dragon Temple

A dragon is a creature signifying legendary stories, usually with reptilian or serpentine traits which are the highlighted features in the mythologies of various cultures. Basically, the cultural traditions associated with the dragons, fall in two distinct traditional categories, European dragon and the Chinese dragon. Traditions of the European folks gave birth to the European dragon. This is any which way related to Middle Eastern and Greek mythologies. While on the other hand, the Chinese dragon has its counterparts in Korea, Japan and most of the other East Asian countries. Even if the two distinct traditions belonged to separate parts of the evolution, both of them has certain influences on each other to a particular extent with the typical contacts of the latest centuries’ cross cultures.


1999 being the inauguration year of the Dragon Palace Temple, it witnessed the presence of Japan’s 120 Buddhist monks and representatives from 14 countries as a part of the function. Nichiki Kato, Tokyo, Japan inaugurated the temple. 5 lacs people were present at the inaugural ceremony. This place is an international tourist attraction with 17 lacs people visiting every year.

Basically a Buddhist Temple, Dragon Temple forms the satellite township of Kamptee in Nagpur district. The temple being devoted to Lord Buddha, boasts of its unbelievably fascinating, picturesque landscape and striking architecture. Mother Noriko Ogawa Society, Japan had founded this temple in association with the Water and Sanitation Minister of the state and MLA, Ms Sulekha Kumbhare. The one of its kind temple is considered as one of the most famous attractions for the tourists as well as the localities of Nagpur.


Spread over a land of nearly 10 acres, this solitary temple is inclusive of a magnificent center for Buddhist praying that is responsible in offering the visitors serenity and peace. On the first floor of the temple’s meditation hall is enshrined a giant statue of Lord Buddha. Carving of this idol is said to have been done out of just one block of sandalwood. Kamptee’s Dragon temple was felicitated with the best concrete structure International Award all over the world, some time back.

Temple walls are painted with a bright color of white. It is done so to signify the symbol of clarity, calmness and divinity. Dragon Temple is also known as Nagpur’s “Lotus Temple”. This temple stands encircled by landscape gardens in lush green and blooming multicolored flowers. Congregation of devotees at the temple is seen daily and during the hours of meditation, they are involved in enchanting the 'Nangu-Mayo-Ho-Renge-Kyo'. Apart from this, the responsibility of offering social services like education for poor, a welfare center, an orphanage and also a mobile hospital has been looked after by the Ogawa society.

Best Route

  • About 2kms away from Nagpur Airport
  • About 3kms away from Nagpur Railway Station
  • About 5kms away from Nagpur Bus Stand

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