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Pateshwar Temple

If you are looking for an ancient rock cut temple dedicated to Lord Shiva that has easy accessibility, Pateshwar Temple would definitely figure as one of the top of your list. This temple is located at just about 11 km from the busy district of Satara, right on the highway connecting Satara and Kohlapr, in the state of Maharashtra. Apart from the amazing rock cut architecture, the striking feature of this temple is that it houses more than 1000 Shivalingas, which is quite rare. It is one of the few Shiva temples in India to have so many Lingas. Most of the locals and tourists come to this temple in large numbers through the Borgaon village as the roads here are quite good.

About the Temple

There are 8 caves in this temple, in which devotees can find more than 1000 Shivalingas. The main Shivalinga of these is known as the Maha Shiva Lingam. This Lingam is absolutely beautiful and sacred. There are minute, intricate carvings on the idol that aggravates the beauty of the Linga. Though there are quite a few shrines here, most of the deities remain unidentified so far. Some of the identified and famous Shiva Lingas here are Harihar Pind, Chaturmukhdhari Pind, Ashtadikpal Pind, Ekmukhdhari Pind, Yantra Pind and Margalmhalsa Pind.  This temple is believed to have been constructed during the 16th century.

Shrines for various deities like Saraswati, Seshasayee Vishnu, Vainayaki, Agni, Navagraha, Ekmukhi Brahma, Chaturmukh Shiva, Balibadhra, Tripura, Ashtadasbhuja Mahishasur Mardini Chamunda and Dvadashavtar are found in this temple complex. A mutt called Sadguru Govindanand Swami Maharaj Mutt is located close to the temple. This mutt has been the abode of few saints and sadhus who are entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the temple activities. It is indeed quite saddening to note that this ancient temple is not in a proper condition today. Grass and weeds have overgrown in most of the places and it requires a phenomenal effort to undertake renovation activities here. The hill where this temple is located is filled with medicinal herbs and plants that have amazing healing properties.

Since the temple is situated in the midst of dense growth of trees, it looks highly secluded. The ambience of the temple is the perfect remedy for a disturbed mind. The Nandi statue that is found inside the temple has beautiful carvings on it. Though some parts of the temple are slightly dilapidated, pujas are performed here every day by the temple priests. Abhisheks and Aartis are performed every single day without fail. During Shivaratri and during Mondays of the Shravan month, this temple is crowded. On all other days, this temple is deserted and you can hardly spot a couple of locals here.

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