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Maruti Temples

The Maruti temples were established by Swami Samarth Ramdas in the early 17th century in Maharashtra. Swami Samarth Ramdas was the spiritual guru of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The temples were established to instill awareness among the youth in Maharashtra so that they can contribute wisely to the erection of the Maratha Empire. These 11 Temples are located in the various parts of Mumbai and Pune and hence can be visited in a trip of two days.

The first among the 11Maruti temples is the Shahapur, which was established in 1644. This temple is located near Karad. Here there is the idol of Chunyacha Maruti which is 6 feet tall made of brass is established here. During the festival of Ram Navami Utsav, the idol is taken to Chaphal. Here, Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated with great festivities. The pujas are done here by Kulkarni family of Shahapur.

The second is the Masur temple which was established in 1645. This is said to be the most beautiful temple and the deity here is known as the Maharudra Hanuman. The idol is 5 feet tall and is made of lime. The portraits of Shivaji Maharaj and Swami Samrath can be seen on the walls of this temple. The pujas are done by the Kulkarni family of Brahmapuri.

The Chaphal Das Maruti is located near Satara and established in 1648. Here, the idol of Hanuman is in the standing Namaskar position in front of Lord Ram.
Pratap Maruti or Bhim Maruti or Vir Maruti is located behind the Ram temple in Chaphal. This temple was established in 1648.

Kadicha Maruti or Baal Maruti is also located near Chaphal, this is the smallest of the 11 Maruti temples. The temple is in Ramphal, it is believed that it was here that Swami Samarth used to meditate. The spring of Kubadi Thirth is also located here. This temple is said to have established in the year of 1649.

The Umbraj Maruti or Mathatil Maruti is a six feet idol, made of sand, lime and jute and was established in the year 1649.

Majgaon is located near Satara and established in 1649. Here is idol is facing the Ram Mandir in Chaphal.

Baahe-Borgaon cha Maruti is located in Borgaon near the banks of River Krishna. The temple stands on an island known as Ram Linga where an ancient Ram temple and a Shiva Linga are located. The temple is behind the Ram temple and Maruti stands in a posture of diverting the flow of River Krishna with his hands.

Manpadale cha Maruti temple is near Kolhapur and established in 1651.

Pargaon cha Maruti is the smallest idol of 1.5 feet tall and among the 11 temples is located near Panhala and established in 1651. The idol here is made of stone.

Shirala Veer Maruti is located in the Battis-Shirala area established in 1654. Here, the pujas are performed by the Deshpande family. This place is notorious for snake population.

Best Time to Visit

These temples can be visited any time of the year, but it is ideal to avoid tours during monsoon season.

How to Reach

The ideal way to visit all the 11 Maruti temples is through tour packages. There are various tour operators in Pune and Mumbai who offer two days tour package to visit all the 11 temples.

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