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Gaimukh Jagadishwar Temple

This temple is a Hindu temple and was built in the reign of Shivaji. Situated at 25 kms north to Mahad, this temple has devotees coming to this place from faraway place. Even though this temple is said to be a typical Hindu temple but the décor to this temple has a very clear reflection of Mughal architecture to it and is said to be a beautiful piece of art. The main deity of this temple is Jagadishwar. One can find a serene and a beautiful sculpture and idol of god Jagadishwar in the inside of the temple which is kept facing the entrance. But with the passage of time, this temple found to be in a decrepit state. Those visiting this temple can also visit the nearby attractions like the Samadhi of Shivaji and his dog. By many people and the devotees of this temple, this temple is said to be a great combination of a temple and a mosque.

Also, the Gaimukh mela that lasts for 15 days on the occasion of Mahashivratri attracts lakhs and lakhs of devotees from far away locations. They come and become a part of this grand mela that is held once every year. This festival as being celebrated to hone Lord Shiva is attended by many tourists as well who are inquisitive to know about lord Shiva, the temple and the mela. Shiva believers from all across the world pay a visit to this place.

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