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Aagashi Jain Mandir

The Aagashi Jain temple is an ancient shrine dedicated to Hindu God Parshvanath. The temple is more than four centuries old and one of the famous religious destinations for pilgrims and devotees of the Munisuvrat Swami. The temple is located just five kilometers from Virar station on the Western Railway route of Mumbai’s suburbs.


The Aagashi Temple is a place of immense religious importance and reverence for the Jain community. Munisuvrat Swami was the 20th Jain Tirthankar. Jains visit the temple, mostly on Saturdays to pay their homage to the revered soul. The temple was in existence since the time of King Shripal and was part of the Soparak City many centuries ago. It is believed that the Swami possesses miraculous powers and fulfills the wishes of devotees who pray here with true devotion. The temple was renovated and repaired in 1992.

Temple Details

The key attraction of the temple, apart from its location amidst nature’s beautiful scenic beauty, is the magnificent architecture and visually arresting decorations. The amazing detailed working of the skilled craftsmen grabs your attention. The idol itself is a highly attractive creation, made from a single stone. It is 122 cm in height and is painted an attractive blue. The Swami has a serene, peaceful look on His smiling face that radiates positive energy. The temple also houses the idols of Suparshavnatha and Lord Neminath.

Staying Facilities

The spacious environment of the temple provides devotees a great place to sit, mediate and relax. The temple also offers excellent staying arrangements for devotees. There are safe night staying options also available for devotees traveling from outstations and far off places.

Events and Programs Organized at the Temple

Many religious events and programs are organized by the temple authorities during a calendar year. The Jain Samvansari is one of the biggest events held at the Aagashi Temple. On this day hundreds of thousands of devotees gather to pray to the Swami. They also wish each other saying, ‘Michami Dukham’ which expresses regret for any pain or hurt caused to others, intentionally or unintentionally. It also

How to Reach

By Bus

There are many buses plying from Virar Bus Depot, Aagashi Naka and Chalpeth Naka to the temple. Devotees can also share autos or hire a private auto or taxi to reach the temple.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Virar railway station on the Western Railway section of Mumbai suburban railway service.

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