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Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan Temple a famous temple which is located in Ahmadabad, India which is a largest city in Gujarat. This temple was constructed on the instructions of Swaminarayan, who was the founder of this sect. According to the will of Swaminarayan, the supervision and administration of this temple is segmented into two seats – the LaxmiNarayan Dev Gadi and NarNarayan Dev Gadi.

This temple is acknowledged as the head office of NarNarayn Dev Gadi. The sculptures of Hindu God and Goddess, painted in yellow and green are installed here which cover the entire structure of the temple which was constructed in 19th century. Located in the eastern part of city Kalupur, this temple is a splash of colors amid the city’s grey while is also an initiating point for the Heritage walk all through the pols of the ancient city.

Significance of the Temple

Swaminarayan Temple was constructed by Swaminarayan in 19th century. The temple attracts millions of visitors all through the year. The temple has strong historic evidence. The land for construction for this temple was actually offered by British Imperial Government to Swaminarayan in India. The task of constructing the temple was then entrusted personally to Swaminarayan to Ananandanad Swami. The inauguration ceremony of the idols and murtis in this temple was lavishly celebrated in the presence of approximately 50,000 pilgrims that had come from different parts of the country.

Architecture of Temple

The main gateway of the temple is constructed artistically while it blends the regional, local, and British styles of sculptures and architecture. Rajasthani and Marathi folk cultures together with the costumes are prominent on the gateway. Different columns are carved with vertical lining in special Corinthian order. The peak of the projected pavilions is exquisite ruminants of the Mughal architecture. Some statues of women that are wearing frilled blouses & petticotes, carrying children on their waist reflect the very own Gujarati woman.

Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Swaminarayan Temple is during the winter season i.e. amid the months between October and March. Summer season from last March till May must be avoided due to extreme temperature that the region experiences. The monsoon knocks the city in June while the rainy season remains there till September.

Nearby Places

Kutch Museum

Kutch Museum which was earlier called the Fergusson Museum following Sir James Fergusson, founder of this museum, which is a popular one in Gujarat near Swaminarayan Temple. This is one of the oldest museums that were constructed in 1877. The Kutch Museum is well known for assorted handicrafts and embroidery items.

Aina Mahal

Near to the Swaminarayan Temple, there are many historic monuments also. Aina Mahal is a mahal which has mirrors everywhere and was built in 18th century. The walls of Aina Mahal are made from white marble while these marble walls are decorated with lavish ornaments and mirrors. The entire region is encircled by sequence of fountains which add to the spectacular look of the monument.


There is a Haveli to the north of the temple which was established by Acharya Maharahshree Keshavprasadji Maharaj in the year 1871. This mansion rests on a square and octagonal wooden pillars while have sculptures that are engraved with creepers and flowers. It has many other sculptures of elephants, lions, birds which are perfectly engraved, adding magnificent look to the panels. The ceilings, beams, and lower sections are further adorned with engravings, free hand designs, and artistic sculptures.

Temple for Women

To the east of the Swaminarayan Temple, there is a temple for women that earlier used to be official home of Archarya Narnarayana Dev Gadi. This temple is decorated with large mirrors, chandeliers, and suspended lamps. The brackets of the pillars in this temple are adorned with carvings which have geometrical designs and couple of creeper and flower motifs.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – The airport located in Ahmadabad is the closest airport near Kalupur. It has direct flights that connect Ahmadabad to different cities of India and major countries of the world. There are many domestic flights also.
  • Through Road – Gujarat is well connected by road where buses from state and private operators run on regular basis thereby connecting Kalupur to different cities in Gujarat. There are local as well as luxury coach buses that one can board.
  • Through Railways – Kalupur is the main railway line that connects this place to different major cities of India. If the individual is coming from western side of River Sabarmati, then he can visit the Gandhgram station and easily board a train.

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Swaminarayan Temple
Swaminarayan Temple
Swaminarayan Temple
Swaminarayan Temple
Swaminarayan Temple
Swaminarayan Temple

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