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Govt Approved Hotels In Gujarat

Gujarat is a tourist destination and so there is no shortage of private or govt approved hotels. The travelers to this state can avail numerous accommodation facilities which range from affluent or expensive starred hotels to budget hotels.

Most of the expensive and starred hotels of Gujarat are located in major cities. Ahmadabad, the capital city of Gujarat has numerous branded hotel chains namely the Le Meridien and Taj Group. The luxury hotels in Gujarat are very often found to be mushroomed in a region which is addressed as the heart of the city, whereas the budget hotels are scattered all around the city. Most of the economically priced hotels can be found near the transportation hubs like the bus stands and the railway station.

Hotel Tariffs in Gujarat

The rates of rooms of different hotels in Gujarat depend on the services that they offer together with the number of stars associated with it. The variation in price is mainly owing to the location of the hotel, the infrastructure, the services offered together with in house restaurant and car chauffeuring facilities.

If one is a cost-conscious traveler then he must opt for economically priced hotels in Gujarat. The rooms are basically furnished with a bed and a small table. There are attached washrooms which are a common feature. Some of the budget hotels provide their guests the facility of air conditioning in some of their rooms. On request they also provide a television to their guests in their room.

The luxury hotels are very commonly acknowledged by the stars affixed with the names of the hotels. Five stars denote the most prominent standard of luxury while a single star makes sure that the guests have a pleasant holiday experience at prices which are easy on their pockets. Nearly all star rated hotels have a swimming pool within the hotel complex.

Heritage Hotels in Gujarat

If you wish to experience the rich culture, timeless history, and tradition of Gujarat, then putting your stay at heritage hotels is the best. The palaces, forts, and mansions of great rulers offer these historical monuments a sense of stay. The heritage hotels offer exceptional opportunities to live in elegant style accompanied with grandeur of the extremely rich ethos and culture.

With plenty of hotels in Gujarat, the city has gained much significance. All of these are located at places which are close to the tourist attractions and other major landmarks in the city. The heritage hotels of Gujarat are precisely suited to meet the needs of the tourists while they also open their doors for the people who often dream of living in such hotels.
The tourists can take pleasure of the lavishness of style together with facilities so that it matches their taste while creates a certain brand image, leaving behind memories which one can cherish about the glorious past of Gujarat.

From economical to royal and luxury packages, the heritage hotels in Gujarat recreate traditional Gujarat grandeur which is a replica of the lavish lifestyle of the eminent rulers of history of Gujarat. These heritage hotels offer unparallel services accompanied with contemporary comfort. The services that they offer have a traditional touch together with international and world class amenities. These hotels are located in spectacular locations portraying magnificent history and impeccable ambience. The royal families who have now transformed their palaces into heritage hotels provide an opportunity to the tourists to spend some time with grandeur like a king. The tourists can also have experience like that of a fairy tale in a palace where peacock and koel give a wakeup call. One can also have vision of the endless beauty near the lakeside.

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