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What To Eat And Drink

The food served in Gujarat is mainly vegetarian while food of Gujarat is less spicy and sweet when compared to the food of neighboring states. The cuisines of Gujarat are delightfully delicious together with a blend of leafy vegetables as well as pulses that are subtly flavored with spices which accompany rice and assortment of breads. The particular Gujarati cuisine is served traditionally on large silver or a large stainless steel thali or platter which consists of each variety of dal, kadhi which is made from yogurt and gram flour, 2-3 vegetables, an assortment of pulses, beans, salad savories, rotis, purl, sweets, sweetened yogurt, papad, pickles, chutney, coconut rice etc. There are some differences in the method of preparation of dishes and the eating habits in 3 main geographical regions of Surat, Saurashtra and Kutch. One popular dish of Gujarat is Khaman Dhokla which is a salty and sweet steamed cake; the other is Oondhiya which is made with potato. This is a vegetarian dish which is also made by adding green beans, brinjal, together with some other vegetables in pot under the fire. Khichadi another popular dish is prepared by blending rice and lentil. Kadhi is one more savory yogurt curry that is cooked with chopped vegetables and number of spices. Debra flour is mixed with yogurt and spinach etc.

Surat Paunk is cooked with tender kernels of garlic chutney, savory twists, sugar balls, and millets. Gujarat or farsans also known as crunchy fried snacks include Sev Ganthia and Chakli which are made from wheat flour and chick pea. These are the specialty of the Gujarat. Consuming freshly cooked vegetable snacks from the street vendors are considered to be very popular. Desserts and sweets like Gharis, Doodh Pak together with Nankhatais etc are very delicious and in great demand. Surat, a region in Gujarat is well known for gharis which is made with thickened milk, dried fruits, and butter. This is also called halwa. When compared to majority of the Hindus who are believed to be pure vegetarians, the Bohras, a community of Muslim Traders are acknowledged for preparing beef together with array of soups.

Famous Gujarati Food

Now speaking of the Gujarati Thali, this comprises of shaak or sabzi, rice, kadhi or dal and roti. The people in Gujarat consume one or the other kind of curry together with roti and rice which forms an important part of their meal. The dishes of Gujarat generally have a subtle taste which makes it completely different from other cuisines of India. While cooking Gujarati dishes, lot of stress is given on hygiene. Most of the dishes served in Gujarat are sweet while there are others which have large concentration of sugar when compared to spices and salts. Most of the times, sugar is replaced with jaggery.

The cuisines of Gujarat differ from one season to the other all depending on the availability of different vegetables. The people in urban regions have now starting consuming new eating trends. In the summer seasons, the spices like black pepper together with the constituent spices are used however in less proportion. People who are on fast on daily basis limit their diet to consuming dried fruits, nuts, and milk.

Popular Gujarati Dishes

Sweets: Basundi, Ghari Ghebar or Ghevar, Halvasan, Keri no ras, Malpua, Shrikhand,

Diwali Special Snacks: Cholafali, Ghooghra, Mathia, Soonvali

Farsan (Snacks): Dal Dhokli, Dhokla, Fafda, Farsi Falafel, Ganthia, Handva, Kachori,
Khakhara, Khaman, Khaman Dhokla, Khandvi, Khichu, Muthia, Sev Khamani

Shaak and Dal: Vegetables and Curries: Meethi (Sweet) Kadhi, Sev Tameta nu Shaak, Undhiyun

Breads: Bajri no rotlo, Bhakhri, Dhebara, Thepala

Drinking In Gujarat

Gujarat has a particular law which is put in force that prohibits the sale, consumption, and purchase of alcoholic drinks. This legislation came into force on 1st May 1960 when state Bombay dissolved into Gujarat and Maharashtra. Gujarat is one particular state in India which has the right to give death penalty to the individuals who are found guilty while making or selling the spurious liquor that leads to death.

The governor Kamla Beniwal issued and gave her stamp approval to a bill of Bombay Prohibition on December 5, 2009, following two years after it was approved by the Legislative assembly. The Bombay Prohibition Act of year 1949 is even now in force in the states of Bombay and Gujarat. But the licensing rule in Maharashtra is very liberal in matters of granting licenses to the vendors as well as traders.

Consuming alcohol is forbidden in Gujarat. The foreign tourists are however partly exempted from this rule. Drinking alcohol publically is strictly prohibited. But if you wish staying longer in Gujarat, then you should apply for consuming alcohol permit. You can also ask the hotel in which you are staying as to how you can get alcohol or how to apply for consuming alcohol.

Beverages in Gujarat are even now using traditional recipes in some of their soft drinks which date back to the year 1999. These range from Zenny Mango, Neera, Tuffa Orange, Tuffa Lemon, Tuffa Masala, Tuffa Soda, and Zenny etc.

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