Sasangir is a city of Gujarat that is located at a distance of 65kms far from Junagadh city and about 60kms away from Amreli region. Basically this city consists of a national park known as Sasan Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. Also this place is home to Asiatic lions and is regarded as one of the most significant protected areas in Asia. Tourists visiting this city will come across variety of culture, climate, topography, art, cuisines and architecture. Sasangir has many sightseeing places that are located in and around the city. Even some shopping centers are developed in such a way that the arrivals can spend a great time and travel easily. Not only from nearby cities and regions of Gujarat but people from all over India, make plan to visit Sasangir city once in their lifetime.

History of Sasangir

Sasangir is a city of Gujarat state and was constructed in year of 1965 with total area of 1412 square kilometers. This place has got a national park wildlife sanctuary that covers an area of 258 square kilometers. Early in 1900 the Nawab of princely state of Junagadh protected this city and forest area of Gir. This protected land inhabits several species of flora and fauna. Many Asiatic lions reside and have bred about 180 lions in imprisonment since its inception.

Climate of Sasangir

Sasangir is considered as the adventurous city of Gujarat state. This most important tourist place has wildlife sanctuary known as Sasan Gir. This National Park is famous all over worldwide and it consists of last habitat of the Asiatic lions. Tourists visiting this place will come across pleasant climate along with little amount of rainfalls. Basically Sasangir is surrounded by three seasons such as winters, summers and monsoons. Travelers making a plan for this city must make sure to check the environment initially and then only plan their trip. The ideal time to visit this place is between Decembers to April. In these months the day temperature becomes pleasant and calm whereas mild cold environment can be seen at night.

How to Reach in Sasangir

Sasangir is an attractive place of Gujarat and draws attention of many arrivals. This place can easily be visited as it lies near to Junagadh city and Amreli district of Gujarat. Every year many adventurous seekers as well as nature admirers plan trip for this land. One can easily visit this region either travelling by trains or planes. The nearest airport is situated at Junagadh city whereas the Western railway head serve many trains to Sasangir from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat and Gandhinagar. Travelers can even hire any cabs or taxis and can reach this city safely as it is linked with various road routes. Even state transport buses and private buses provide economic transportations to their passengers.

Where to Stay at Sasangir

Sasangir has variety of hotel, restaurants and guest houses. Depending upon the facilities, fares, location and rank all these hotels are divided in various categories. Tourists as per their convenience can choose the appropriate residing and dining place. Also Sasangir hotels are well known for their hospitality and accommodations. They hold a very good status along with offer reasonable services too. Considering the popularity of place as well as many attraction sites, this city has developed three stars to five star hotels.

Places to Visit

In Gujarat and near Amreli district a city resides known as Sasangir. This region is well known for a wildlife sanctuary and therefore it consists of vast species of flora and fauna. This picturesque and attractive beauty city has got various tourists destination points. All these points are located in and around the Sasangir. Arrivals can also plan a family trip for this land. Children and especially young generations will love to spend enthusiastic moments as it has got many recreational activities along with many places of enjoyment. The diverse flora and fauna and even the ecosystem of Gir draws the attention of many arrivals. The Sasan Gir National Park and Wildlife sanctuary consists of many rare and endangered species. Even Asiatic lions can be seen in this forest reserve. Even Crocodile Breeding Zone is also visited majorly by the arrivals when visiting this city. This center is located near Sinh Sadan and is regarded as a good place to see crocodiles from baby to big breed.

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