In Gujarat state of India and in Jamnagar district a small coastal town is situated known as Okha. This city has a sea port and is well known for Krishna temple at Bet Dwarka. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is located on Small Island on Bet Dwarka that is across a small creek from Okha Port. Hindi and Gujarati are the main official languages spoken in this city. Also this city is located on a narrow strip of land that projects directly into sea. The people of Okha are humble, cultural and friendly. They treat politely with their tourists and even serve them various facilities. Also this city has developed some schools, hospitals and other necessary locations in favor of its people convenience.

History of Okha

The census town of Jamnagar district in Indian state of Gujarat is the city of Okha. This town is situated at sea coast and its port lies close to Pakistan. Earlier this city was captured and was ruled by many kings and rulers. Later on with the Independence in 1947 this city also became independent and was developed as a city of Gujarat state in 1960. The port of this sea is protected by navy and coast guards. The port of Okha helps in export business that is carried out on large scale.

Climate of Okha

Tourists visiting this city will find temperate and cool weather. Okha enjoys varied climatic conditions and that are summers, monsoons and winters. The summer temperature is basically hot and humid but at night temperature decreases and becomes mild cold. Monsoons also occur in this city that brings heavy rainfall. Therefore tourists must make sure to check the climate in advance and then only plan a trip. The ideal time to visit this city is considered from October to April.

How to Reach Okha

Okha is a city of Gujarat state and is surrounded by sea on its three sides. Even it consists of a sandy beach that is seen on Arabian Sea coast. Tourists planning a trip for Okha can easily reach this city as it supports various forms of transiting services. Many trains run from various cities of India and provide the rail route till Okha railway station. One can also reach at the nearest airport that is situated at Jamnagar district at a distance of 175kms. Few airlines services provide cost effective plane fares so that one can easily reach this city. Also this city has a port that is connected well with the state highway and national highway. Tourists can even hire cabs, taxis and jeeps and travel to this city by roads. Many private buses and state buses also provide the facility of transportations to this city.

Where to Stay in Okha

In Gujarat state the historical and busiest port is Okha. This city has a port that helps in growth of economy. Also many multinational companies exports and imports the products to this city. Some industries related to fishing, salt processing and automobile supports the Okha financial position. Tourists visiting this city can easily locate various accommodations ranging from luxury to most budgeted ones. Travelers as per their need and convenience can stay at the best hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The food outlets and some restaurants of Okha even serve exotic and exclusive cuisines.

Places of Interest

Okha port is situated on the other side of a small creek of Bet Dwarka. Every year thousands of pilgrims or the Hindu devotees visit this city so that they can worship their deity Lord Krishna at Bet Dwarka. One can reach Bet Dwarka with the help of ferry services that serve from Okha port. Not only devotees but even many marine lovers visit this city in order to enjoy at small islands. These hundreds of small islands are located at natural coral reefs and in surrounding areas. Tourists visiting this city can enjoy some recreational activities. Even Dolphin watching can also be entertained by the arrivals. Visitors can also travel at Dwarka city as it resides close to Okha city. Bet Dwarka is a pilgrimage center it inhabit an ancient temple and is just 2kms far from Okha Nageshwar. This Okha Nageshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva and lies 22kms far from Okha Dwarka.

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