The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) is the Gujarat state’s own corporation that provides bus services in Gujarat and from Gujarat to its neighbouring states. The GSRTC employs around 50000 workers.

Born on 1st May 1960, the same day as the formation of Gujarat, it has grown exponentially.

GSRTC came into existence on 1st May, 1960 on formation of Gujarat. From a modest beginning of 7 divisions, 76 depots and 7 divisional workshops and a fleet of 1,767 buses it has gone to,

This growth would not have been possible without the massive 50000 hardworking workforce. Their efficient management and unfalteringsupport helped in building this massive transportation network with superior technical facilities.



In 2009, 1500 buses (20 air conditioned buses, 50 sleeper coaches, 2 Volvo buses) were purchased in 2009.
Ticket booking facility is made available online and through mobile phones. The Volvo buses also provide commuters free Wi-Fi.


Many technical facilities have been built up. These are:

  • Maintenance and repair facility over three levels: Depot workshops-126, Divisional workshops-16, central workshop-1.

  • Tyre Retreading plans- 7

  • Bus body building plant that produces 1000 bus bodies per year.

  • Printing press for tickets

Special Services

Following special services are provided by the GSRTC:

  • Accommodating major railway schedules.

  • Services for festivals.

  • Building industrial zone connectivity.

  • Building connectivity among educational institutions.

  • Connecting pilgrim places.

  • Buses can also be taken by the public on a contract basis for special occasions.

  • There are varieties of buses available according to speed, amenities and comfort. The different buses available are- luxury, semi-luxury, ordinary and intercity express, etc.

Student Information

Instructions for obtaining a Student Pass

  • A student pass will be issued against a paid receipt.

  • Handing over old pass and GSRTC ID card is mandatory.

  • All monetary transactions should be cleared at the counter.

  • Student pass will be issued according to the College term period.

  • Pass needs to be obtained within three working days, failing which a new form will be required.

  • Stand in the queue for the pass.

  • National holidays are observed and hence offices are closed.

GSRTC Reservation / GSRTC Booking Information

  • Seat tickers must be booked at least 15 minutes before the departure of the bus.

  • Semi-luxury bus tickets are issued after the bus arrival.

  • Refunds for cancelled tickets are given immediately.

  • The departure time is not guaranteed.

  • Read the information the ticket carefully before you leave the reservation/ booking counter.

  • Ticket is not transferable over time. You cannot use the same ticket for any other bus on the same route. Unused tickets will be cancelled immediately after departure without any refunds.


The GSRTC has won the national award for fuel economy from the India State Road Transport Undertaking and Ministry of Road Transport & Highway in 2006-2007.

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