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Nightlife In Gujarat

Considered as the best place for sightseeing and wonderful places to explore, Gujarat is mainly a dry state where liquor is prohibited. Hence it is advised that one must not carry any form of liquor to this state. The laws of the state are very strict regarding possession or consumption of liquor. Though the state doesn’t entertain hard liquor consumption or possession, there are few five star hotels that have the permission to serve liquor to the guests. The nightlife of Gujarat is surprisingly full of vibrancy and energy.

The tourists can opt to visit the tranquil beaches of Gujarat and take pleasure of the peaceful atmosphere yet spend comfortable time with their loved ones by sitting under the bright moonlight and watching the dazzling sea. Take a stroll along the sea and spend some romantic moments with near and dear ones. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the nightlife of Gujarat. Clubs and discotheques are not much popular in this state since the state is well known for its tradition and so doesn’t speak much of its nightlife. But the tourists can try and have party in clubs and discos of Ahmadabad and Baroda while take pleasure of the midnight walk along the streets of Ahmadabad and Surat. The nightclubs of Gujarat are basically non-existent for the party seekers however the tourists can certainly cherish some excellent and traditional folk music or also participate in some theater shows & assorted cultural programmes which is conducted for the tourists and localities.

The nightlife of Gujarat can be completely enjoyed by indulging yourself in some conventional Gujarati cuisine and street food which perfectly suits your taste buds. Apart from this, one can visit the shopping malls that remain open till late night. This is also a great idea to explore the nightlife of Gujarat. For the party seekers, there are exquisite and well furnished farm houses where they can enjoy and dance to the happening nightlife of Gujarat.

Music, dance, and food form a vital part of the nightlife of Gujarat and these all revolve around the essentials almost.

The nightlife is mainly about spending good time when the sun goes down and sleeps. Nightlife in Gujarat is completely full of energy and vigor. No matter an individual is rich or not rich, young or old, they come together to taste the thrilling and most exciting nightlife of Gujarat. Take pleasure of few drinks at the clubs and bars of Gujarat. Enjoy the stimulating dances at one of the discotheques in Gujarat. Though not as New York or Paris, still Gujarat’s nightlife is considered top notch. The nightlife of Gujarat mainly has few bars where you can go, have a drink while enjoy the snacks. After an exciting and tiring day of all these activities, the nightlife of Gujarat also includes sleeping in your bed comfortably.

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