Saputara is regarded as a small hill station of Indian state of Gujarat. This unspoiled city has various admiration sights. One can plan a trip for this region and trek up to Gandhi Shikhar. Also it is a magical land that serves refreshing and soothing mornings. The undulating mountains and greenery enlightens the mood of the arrivals. People of varied customs, religions, traditions, groups and communities can be seen in this city. The official language is Gujarati whereas many other languages such as Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi and Bengali are also conversed. This city is basically planned as a small hill resort that serves various amenities such as parks, gardens, swimming pools and museums. Mumbai lies at a distance of 250kms where as Surat is located 172kms far.

History of Saputara

Saputara is a well known region of Gujarat state that inhabits many historical and religious sites. This city has great historical relevance and was founded in year of 1960 after Independence of 1947 when Bombay state was further divided in to two new linguistic states known as Gujarat and Maharashtra. At that time Saputara region was invaded and became the city of Gujarat state.

Climate of Saputara

Saputara is encircled with pleasant climate all round the year. It does not experience any climatic extreme variations. From March to June, summers encircle the city whereas monsoons start from July and lasts till September. During winter months that is from October to February Saputara enjoys mild cold weather along with pleasant environment. The Grishm Mahotsav is celebrated in month of May and it is a cultural program that is enjoyed almost by every visitors. Therefore tourists can make a plan at any time of the year.

How to Reach in Saputara

Tourists looking for refreshing and soothing outing can plan a trip for Saputara region. This city promises delightful holidays to their arrivals throughout the year. Also it encircles several attraction sites from that Pushpak Ropeway is regarded as the best and major tourists attraction point. Majority of young couples and children love to visit Saputara region because of this admiration point as it is considered as the longest ropeway in world. Saputara can be reached safely and conveniently as it is connected with well maintained roads, railway services and even many airlines.

The nearest airport is situated at Vadodara city that is 309kms far. One can even travel by trains and make their journey most accessible. The Waghai Western Railway provides the facility of transportations to their passengers. Even one can travel from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat and othe nearby regions as many trains run from Billimora region. Apart from rail head and airlines, many state buses and even private buses with luxury coaches serve the commuting facilities. This city is also well connected with both national and state highway. Thus one can also reach this city quick and easy by travelling on these highways.

Where to Stay at Saputara

Saputara is a beautiful city and is considered as a small hill station. This place is situated in Dang district of Indian state of Gujarat. Tourists visiting this place will come across various gorgeous parks and gardens. Accommodations are easily available at Saputara city. Arrivals visiting this city will find few hotels, cottages and guest houses. The snug and cool weather rejuvenates the tourists whereas this city looks striking and amazing during monsoon months. The thin rain drops and the green gorgeous look of this city amazes lot of visitors. For food lovers this city inhabits numerous food stalls and restaurants that cater the need of the arrivals to Saputara. Also this city inhabits a hill resort that consists of various amenities such as swimming pool, parks, museum and theatres.

Places to Visit

Saputara is a gorgeous and stunning place of Gujarat that contains various sightseeing sites. This city has got many historical, religious and even amazing scenic sites that wonder the arrivals to definitely plan their trip. The Pandava Caves is the most amazing place that is renowned for mythological stories. Even nature admirers can relax at Echo Point, Saputara Lake and Step Garden. The sunset point and the sun rise point at Valley view Point is a must watch out place that should definitely be visited by the arrivals.

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