Dwarka is situated in Jamnagar district of Gujarat and it is also considered as a popular religious spot of India. This city is even regarded as one of the seven oldest cities of Indian state of Gujarat. Lord Krishna is associated with this city and people have major belief in deities. Also it is believed by the people that this place Dwarka was the residence of the well-known Hindu deity that is of Lord Krishna. Even this region has some mythological believes. It was believed once that this region has gone underwater six times and therefore as a consequence it is considered as the seventh city that is constructed in the territory. Dwarka region is well known for a famous festival known as Janmashtami. This festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm, pride and distinctiveness.

History of Dwarka

The city of Dwarka has proved itself as one of the most prominent region of the state. This city is even considered as a holy region and consists of many religious sites too. Also Dwarka has great historical background and was believed that it was built by Vishwakarma on order of Lord Krishna. Around 3138 BC this city was submerged in water but later on with the help of archaeological founders this city again was evolved and came into existence.

Climate of Dwarka

Dwarka is surrounded by pleasant climate and temperate weather all round the year. Tourists can plan a trip for Dwarka during October to June months. Also this city enjoys three types of weather such as summers, monsoons and winters. During these months one can spend ideal time for temple visits and even for relaxations.

How to reach Dwarka

It is quite accessible to reach Dwarka as it is connected with various types of commuting services. One can either travel through roads and railways or land on airports. Various trains provide economic transportation services whereas the closest airport is located at Jamnagar and from there one can travel through roads by hiring cabs, taxis or through buses transit facilities.

Where to Stay in Dwarka

Dwarka is an interesting and pristine place that is known for religious as well as for cultural sites. This city has constructed various places of admirations for its arrivals enjoyment and exploration. Visitors visiting this city can easily stay and dine out as a fair number of hotels and restaurants can be seen. These hotels serve exclusive services along with provide well maintained and clean rooms. Hotel Guruprerna is a famous hotel that serves cost effective facilities and even make sure that its guests do not face any obscurity.

Places to Visit

In Indian state of Gujarat a city is situated known as Dwarka. This city has great mythological and historical relevance. Tourists visiting this region can explore several belongings of it and even can spend a great time at its exotic locations. Some of the well known tourist’s destination points are such as:-

Nageshwar temple is a well known for the worship of Lord Shiva and even considered as a religious place where twelve Jyotirlingas are situated. This place is even situated close to its district and city Dwarka at a distance of 8kms. Also one can worship their deities at Shree Swaminarayan Temple and Somnath temple that are another important religious site and even regarded as a legendary place for the worship of Lord Shiva. A famous Pushti Marg temple or Dwarkadish temple is widely visited by the arrivals traveling from various parts of India. Travelers visiting this city can even spend their vacations at Brahma Kund and Gopi Talav. This Gopi Talav is a place in Dwarka that is believed by the people there that Lord Krishna comes to this temple and plays with Gopikas. Also Rukmini Hird is an accumulation of seven small lakes and is majorly visited by the arrivals. Near Dwarka a small islet is located that is identified as Bet Dwarka and is widely visited by arrivals. Even visitors make sure to visit Hunamn mandir when stopping at Bet Dwarka. Tourists can even make their trip more educated by making a visit at Sharada Peetha. This interesting place is considered as a hub of Sanskrit language.

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