Festivals in Gujarat signify people's edifying, communal and holy aspirations. They help public to exist a fuller and enhanced life. Festivals also lend a hand in removing boredom and afford vigorous leisure. They support harmony, fellow -feeling, self-control and graveness. Festivals in Gujarat have accepted celebrations and annotations that consist of chief religious, commerce and interesting festivals.

Religious Festivals of Gujarat


In India the fair of Diwali is measured as the leader festival. In Gujarat the Diwali fiesta is connected with the adoration of the "Goddess of Wealth`, Mother Lakshmi. The populaces of this state are of solid conviction that Goddess Lakshmi will come out on this day to sanctify the earth with achievement and good luck.

Kite Festival

This is considered as a countrywide festival in the state of Gujarat and is experiential on the 14th of January. Exactly on the day when the Sun goes into the tropic of cancer this Kite festival is distinguished with glory. On this very day the adolescence as well as the full-fledged is on the pinnacle of their individual homes and soar kites. Both the male and female associates of the family decorate themselves in bright outfits and treat themselves in the conventional dance known as `Dandiya`. Extravagant Gujarati flimsiness is also equipped to rejoice this festival.


The spring festival of Holi is distinguished in Gujarat in the month of Phalgun or in the months of February and March. The event of Holi is distinguished with colors and people of this state resound with the tunes of the folk-song, "Govinda ala re, zara matki sambhal Brijbala". Fun and gambol is also redefined in diverse forms in the cheerful celebrations here. People welcome each other with colors and thus improve the emotion of harmony. The illumination of beacon also forms a particular trait in the Holi festival when renowned in Gujarat.


Janmashtami is recognized for the delivery centenary of Lord Krishna. It is renowned in the state of Gujarat along with in India with huge passion. It is prearranged in this state in the month of July and August as per the English calendar. On this day the Hindu people of Gujarat keeps daylong fasts and also keeps themselves stirring while chanting tones and verses in the respect of the noble till midnight. The statue of Lord Krishna is suffused and then placed on a swing. Rasila is executed to reconstruct incidents from the existence of the noble and to commemorate his adore for his beloved, Radha.

Ganesh Chaturthi

In Gujarat this Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most well-liked festivals. It is celebrated in honor of Lord Ganesh who is supposed to be the eliminator of all obstacles. This fiesta is celebrated with imposing processions that are carried out by moving huge idols of Lord Ganesh. These idols are festooned in bright outfits and overstated with valuable jewels.


This is the most admired Muslim fiesta celebrated in the state of Gujarat with much passion. The major underline of this festival is the Tazia parade that has been in the city of Ahmedabad of Gujarat for centuries. It also includes acrobats, drummers and singers processions. The momentous implication of this festival lies in the fact that the Mughal sovereign Jahangir and his beloved wife Noor Jahan often watched it from the `teen darwaza` or triple arches. This fiesta also reflects the accurate worldly strength of the state.

State Festivals of Gujarat

Modhera Dance Festival

This dance fiesta is celebrated at the Sun Temple of Modhera that is situated at a distance of about 60 kilometers. It is detained in the month of January every year and is celebrated for a distance of three days. This carnival is celebrated in respect of the Indian classical dance and is measured exclusive when contrasted to other dance festivals in the Indian subcontinent.

Kutch Mahotsava

The tourism authorities of Gujarat systematize this fiesta every year in the month of February according to the English calendar. This accepted festival not only illustrates folk dancing, music, poetry, ballads, local handicrafts and jewelry but also brings the citizens from all over the state to tender a whole fresh articulation to the term "Communal Harmony".

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