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Navratri Festival

A Hindu festival of Navratri is a nine day event that begins on first day of fortnight bright of Hindu month.  During Ashwin era or in September-October month after rainy season this Navratri festival is celebrated. Also this festival has religious significance therefore it is organized and executed with full devotion and purity. People belonging to varied societies and communities visit temples to offer puja at Goddess Durga’s feet. In Gujarat at some places special decorated pandals and puja samarohas are also organized by decorating the statue of goddess Mother Durga. Many people keep fasts or vrats of nine days for divine mother in honor of devotion and adoration. Tourists from all over the globe come to Gujarat especially to enjoy this religious and traditional festival.


Navratri festival is a religious festival and it is celebrated with full dedication and devotion. This festival in Gujarat is carried out with various customs and traditions and people offer adoration to Goddess Amba that is believed to exist in several forms. Navratri festival provides an opportunity to reflect and recognize the values of three gunas through that Human life is governed with. People from all age groups actively take part in this festival. They are found in colorful clothes and exquisite jewellery and perform Garba or ras dance. Even on this event the devotees give drama performances and music or bhajaan mandalis are also entertained. This remarkable Navratri festival’s first three days are attributed to tamo guna, the second three to rajo guna and than the last three for Sattva guna. During this event one worship the Mother Divine that is Ambaji Mata and even harmonize the three gunas.

Tourists visiting Gujarat can enjoy a great experience in Navratri Festival as it brings innovation in choreography, music, dance and costumes. This festival even enthralls the people to experience the beauty of cultures and traditions of India. During this festival the Gujarat’s spiritual values are reflected along with it exhibits the rich heritage and culture of state. Arrivals visiting this Gujarat state during Navratri festival will surely carry with themselves a message of Holy Gujarat, spiritual Gujarat and vibrant Gujarat. People of Gujarat in Navratri festival play dandiya and perform some folk dances. Garba is also widely entertained and enjoyed both by the residents and arrivals.

Tourists Essential

The Navratri festival of Gujarat is considered as a circle of ecstasy that throbs nonstop nine day and night celebration. Tourists visiting Gujarat during Navratri festival will come across the state’s cultural and traditional values. This most important Hindu festival is widely celebrated in Gujarat. They even make rejoice of feminine divinity that is referred to Shakti. Travelers will get along various dance forms such as ras dandiya and garba. These dance performances are tribute for gods and goddesses.

One can even get religious pilgrimage experience in Gujarat. Devotees can even flourish to various Shakti Peethas such as Pavagadh, Ambaji and Bahuchraji.  These all are situated near Mehsana district of Gujarat. Apart from these religious sites there are many other temples in Gujarat where Navratri celebration is done such as at Khodiyar Mandir of Bhavnagar, Chotila at Rajkot Ahmedabad National Highway and Ashapura Mata no Madh in Kutch district.

How to Reach

Navratri is a nine day celebration festival that is enjoyed in almost every district of Gujarat. Even many villages and neighborhoods that surround the Gujarat also celebrate this Navratri festival with great pomp and show. Tourists during their vacations can plan a trip for Gujarat and get along with its cultures and traditions. Vadodara is the cultural capital of Gujarat where this event is organized with great honor. One can make plan for this region and can celebrate this event. Also many villagers perform Garba dance during this festival that is another must watch experience. Tourists can visit Vadodara or its other districts and cities easily as numerous railway lines are there along with national and international airport too. After landing to Gujarat and can even travel to its other cities or Vadodara region through roads as they all are connected with national highways and state highway too. Even several state and regular buses provide economic transportations and run to various cities and districts of Gujarat.

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