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Bhadrapad Ambaji Fair

Bhadrapad Ambaji Fair is one of the multicultural fair where not only Hindu devotees but also people of various religions take active part in it. This fair is celebrated at one of the most historical and old revered temple in India that is at Ambaji goddess temple. Ambaji temple is located in the village of Ambaji at Gujarat. Farmers basically consider this fair as one of the most important part of their life. In the month of Bhadrapada that occurs at the end monsoon and harvest period, Bhadrapad Ambaji festival is organized. This fair is celebrated by the people and especially by the farmers in order to pray for good and proper their yields ahead. Lakhs of devotees gather up from all communities and sects so that they can worship Ambaji goddess and even can perform the religious ritual. This religious festival is held in between August to September months at Ambaji village in Ambaji temple.


Bhadrapad Ambaji Fair has several stories and legends that are historically and mythological related.  The Mahishasur mardini and even the Shakti Peethas both stories has immense impact on Bhadrapad Ambaji. Therefore in order to celebrate these legends a fair is organized in Ambaji village that is known as Bhadrapad Ambaji Fair. This fair is enjoyed by all people belonging to different religions and customs. The Sangha communities people especially gather up at the time of this fair and celebrate it with great glory. Few activities are also entertained during this fair that basically engages the devotees throughout the fair. These activities are such as Bhavai dance and Garba dance. The Bhavai dance is a traditional folk dance that is performed by the Sangha on the full moon night. Garba is also majorly enjoyed by the people and this dance form is considered as one of the most important part of any festival and fair in Gujarat. In Bhadrapad Ambaji Fair this dance is carried out by sticks and instruments such as hungal, pakhwaj and jhanj.

Tourists visiting this village Ambaji during the Bhadrapad Ambaji Fair will find that many devotees walk on bare foot. This fair is celebrated during month of Bhadrapada and this month surrounds fresh and serene weather. Therefore pilgrims can walk on their foot and can have a memorable experience. The green village with fresh air makes the trip of arrivals more pleasant and comfortable.

Tourists Essential

Bhadrapad Ambaji Fair is a popular fair that is enjoyed by the tourists a lot. Many devotees from all over India visit Ambaji village in order to chant the holy stotras, mantras, rituals and other ceremonies. Also various cultural ceremonies are conducted inside the temple such as folk performances of Bhavai and Garba dance. All these cultural programs draw the attention of the visitors. Therefore arrivals can plan their trip for this village and enjoy their arrival at its most vibrant and colorful fair of Bhadrapad Ambaji. This Fair is specially importance for farmers as it symbolizes the end of the monsoons. Tourists visiting this village can participate in the Bhadrapad Ambaji fair along with can even spend religious time at its nearby temples.

Things to Do

A trip for Ambaji village will serve all the religious activities. This sacred land contains numerous temples and is well known for its traditional and cultural deeds too. People of this region are humble, pious and treat politely with their arrivals. Thousands of pilgrims visit this village of Gujarat in order to worship their deities and even participate in the cultural and religious fair of Bhadrapad Ambaji. This colorful religious fair is celebrated in month of Bhadrapada. There are several things that one can do at this fair. The devotional prayers and songs, readings of Saptashati all are very popular. Even one can worship their deities at the nearby Jain temple of Kumbhariyaji.

How to Reach

In Danta Taluka of Banaskantha district, this Bhadrapad Ambaji fair is celebrated at Ambaji temple. This temple even lies close to Rajasthan and Gujarat border. Tourists can visit the Ambaji village easily as several roads are linked with various cities and districts of Gujarat. Even many local and state buses run all day long and provide the facility of transportation to passengers and devotees.

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