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Kavant Fair

In Gujarat state numerous festivals and events are celebrated. This state is also well known for its traditions and culture that are unique.  Many festivals and fairs are organized all throughout the year and are famous in Uttrayan region. Kavant is one such another fair or tribal festival that is celebrated in tribal region if Indian state of Gujarat. The tribal regions of Udaipur basically consider this fair as the most significant part of their life. It is conducted after Holi on the third day and it is a two day event. The Udaipur city has rathwas and tribals therefore the tribal people organized it and celebrate it with great honor. This fair that comes around Holi is well known for is well known for its beliefs and rituals. Several tourists from international cities and national region visit Gujarat and enjoy in the fairs and festivals of state.

This fair Kavant also has history that is associated with it. It is a harvesting festival and celebrated as a harvest festival. In this fair people dance on the rhythm and rejoice it with glory. Many artists and musicians came to this region from different part of India in order to showcase their talent. During Kavant fair the environment becomes frolic and fun filled. The men are seen wearing belt that is filled with pebble gourds and even many strings of brass bells are also worn. The performers paint their bodies with the paste made form ash and rice. Men and women both create human pyramid.


Kavant is a colorful and vibrant fair celebrated in Indian state of Gujarat at Chota Udaipur region. This ancient celebration goes on annually. The tribal people from all districts around the town of Kavant gather up in this village before five days. This fair is celebrated with full of energy and colors. People drink for five days of without any sleep. They make mockery for the prohibition of laws of Gujarat. Also the people dress up as demons and gods from Hindu mythology. During this Kavant fair, the whole environment of the region becomes anarchy free. Therefore tourists can plan their trip for this Chota Udaipur region and can spend most remarkable and memorable moments at its Kavant fair. This Kavant fair spreads a rejoice full environment and draws attention of every visitors to definitely plan their next trip soon.

Tourists Essential

Kavant Fair is a blend of emotions, successful harvesting and family liaisons. All these merge in a sole color. Travelers can make plan for Gujarat and can entertain themselves by participating in Kavant fair. Also tourists visiting this Chota Udaipur place where Kavant fair is celebrated will come across few other temples and historical sites nearby. Udaipur is situated close to this region and holds vast number of tourists attraction points.

Things to Do

In Indian state of Gujarat and at Vadodara city and even in Chota Udaipur region, this Kavant tribal festival or fair is celebrated with great glory. Also this Chota Udaipur inhabits two interesting and prominent heritage properties. These heritages are the royal palaces that can be visited by the arrivals at Jambughoda and Chota Udaipur. Arrivals visiting this region can spend a remarkable time at Kavant fair. They can even visit at the Jambughoda Wildlife sanctuary that is located near to this village.

How to Reach

Kavant is a religious fair that is celebrated in month of March after Holi. It is a two day fair that is conducted after third day of Holy. Also this fair is considered as the tribal festival and is carried out by the people of Gujarat and nearby districts and cities with great pomp and show. Tourists and devotees willing to participate and also enjoy in this fair can easily visit the Kavant village that is located near Udaipur city. Numerous roads are connected to Kavant with Udaipur and other cities. One can also travel from local or state buses that run all day and provide safe and economic fares. Passengers can also land at the nearest railway head that is situated at Udaipur and from there can hire cabs, taxis or private jeeps that offer cost effective transportations. Arrivals can make their trip for this village more convenient by traveling from regular buses.

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