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Dangs Darbar

In Satpura Hills and at the Ahwa region of Dang district of Gujarat, Dangs Darbar is organized. Many visitors and even thousands of tribal inhabitants come to Dangs Darbar in order to attend the festival. Not only the national people but several international visitors make plan for Gujarat so that they can celebrate this event. Therefore one should not miss the opportunity and attend this festival. Arrivals can even see different types of tribal communities like Kunbhis, Bhils, Gamits and Warlis. The people of all tribal communities are dressed up in their traditional attires.


Dangs Darbar is the name for annual fair that is held in Ahwa region of Gujarat every year. This fair is celebrated before Holi especially by the tribal people of Gujarat state. The name Darbar was used during British rule when a Darbar of Naiks and Rajas were used to assemble there. Even the tradition of heads and rulers are honored by the Dangs Darbar. This tradition continues still in many tribal dominated districts. The former Naiks and Rajas are still accorded status. In the month of March to April before Holi this Dangs Darbar takes place. It is found that during Dangs Darbar thousands of tribal people from various districts of Gujarat gather up and flock to region of Ahwa. They are dressed in beautiful and colorful lively costumes along with exquisite silver jewellery. Even in the procession the drums movements and shennai sounds both are accompanied.

Tourists Essential

Dangs is a district of Gujarat that is located near Satpura hills and also it adjoins the Maharashtra border. This Dangs is even home of adhivasis who live in highlands and forest. They maintain their livelihood from forest products such as honey, timber, wax and lac. These tribal people celebrate this dangs Darbar with great pomp and show. Tourists visiting this region will come across the traditional customs of the tribal people. Also in this festival the people perform folk dances and sing various songs. This festival is accompanied by many musical instruments along with various other cultural activities such as garba performances, ras dances, dramas and songs. Many people got attracted by this Darbar and make sure to visit it again as soon as possible. Several merchants from Surat, Nasik and West Khandesh also make plan to gather up during Dangs Darbar festival.

Things to Do

Dangs Darbar is the most stupendous festival that can be enjoyed a lot by the arrivals. During this festival all tribal men wore lion clothes with a colored turban and waistcoat whereas women are seen in blouses and sarees along with heavy exquisite silver jewellery. There are lots of things that can be done during Dangs Darbar. This festival is accompanied by the tribal dance that is spectacular to watch. The performers move in concentric circles by holding each other from waist. They dance on beat of wind instruments and also on of percussions. In this district many musical instruments are typical.

Tourists visiting this village can enjoy at the Dangs Darbar and even can spend their vacations at the nearby cities such as Surat and Daman. Surat is a busy commercial region with great historical relevance. Arrivals can also travel at Daman that is 149kms far and consists of several well known attraction points. Sajan also lies next to this region and it is a famous place of Gujarat. This Sajan region is considered as a place where Parsis first landed in India. Travelers can even visit Mumbai just by traveling few more hours when visiting this region.

How to Reach

This Dangs Darbar festival is celebrated by tribal people living in Ahwa region and at Satpura Hills. One can easily reach this region as it is well connected with roads and railways. The nearest city situated to Ahwa region is Surat that is 155kms far. Many roads are linked with this city and one can visit this village of without any issue. Even government has provided various local, regular and state buses that rum all day and provides economic transportations. Tourists can land at Surat railway station or airport and from there can hire cabs, jeeps and taxis that serve safe and sound roads routes.

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