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Tanariri Festival

Tanariri is a music festival that is enjoyed majorly at Gujarat state. This festival is organized as a tribute for Tana and Riri that are two sisters. In winter month of every year, Tanariri festival is celebrated at Vadnagar city. Also this festival has great historical legend behind therefore it is considered as the most important legends of history. Vadnagar is an ancient and historic city that inhabits several monuments and legends starting from Vedic times. Also this region has great archaeological treasure trove.

India is a country that is rich in culture, traditions and heritages. Several fairs and festivals are celebrated in this country. Each state of it is associated with numerous festivals. Gujarat state is a cultural and colorful land that is related to several cultures and traditions. Tanariri is on such festival that is associated with music. This musical festival is celebrated in memory of two sisters that are Riri and Tana. From all over the globe several musicians and singers make plan to visit Vadnagar and participate in the event. Therefore tourists must make plan for November month so that they can enjoy the enthusiastic Tanariri festival. At Vadnagar region and in Mehsana area this musical Tanagiri festival is celebrated in memory of Tana and Riri.


The Tanariri festival is celebrated in remembrance of singers and sisters known as Tana and riri. These sisters were considered as Naagar sisters. Also it is believed that famous musician of Akbar, Tansen sang the deepak raag so efficiently that it lit the unlit lamps. While singing the song he got affected by it and his entire body starts burning. Akbar knew that only malhaar can save him so he left the place in search of musician that could save him. After long journey Akbar founded two Naagar sisters known as Tana and riri. When these two sisters sang the song, the rain starts and the water of the rain got Tansen back to his health.

From then onwards this Tanariri festival came to be evolved and is widely enjoyed by the people. Many musicians and singers from all across the globe make plan for Gujarat state where it is organized. In Vadnagar region and at Mehsana area this Tanariri festival is held. One should also make sure to visit Gujarat state in month of January so that they can easily enjoy the Tanariri festival.

Tourists Essential

Tanariri festival has great historical background. This festival is celebrated in honor of two musicians or sisters known as Tana and riri. Tansen was a famous musician of King Akbar. Once he sang a song in which his entire body start warming. Therefore to get back into his health he went to Vadnagar region in a hope that he will truly get a Malhaar that will serve him. By nightfall he came there and rest on the bank of Sharmistha. In early morning he saw women fetching watcher and from there he recognized two sisters known as Tana and riri. He approached to them and ask for favor that with their song his he will get back to his normal health. Tana and riri sang song through which rain starts and Tansen came back to his normal health. Tourists making plan for Gujarat must make sure to visit the Vadnagar region so that they can enjoy a great musical experience in Tanariri festival.

How to Reach

Tanariri festival has a great historical relevance and this festival of Gujarat is related to music. It is celebrated in remembrance of two sisters known as Tana and Riri. Many well known musicians and singers of Gujarat participate in the event of Tanariri. This festival takes place in Vadnagar that is known for its historical monuments and culture. Tourists can plan a trip for this region of Gujarat that is at Vadnagar and can participate in the festival as well. This city is situated at a distance of 100kms far from Ahmedabad city. One can easily visit this city as it is well connected with roads. Even several state or local buses run all day and provide safe journey to Vadnagar region. One can also land at Ahmedabad railway head or at airport. Various cabs, taxis and jeeps can be hired by the passengers that serve economic transportations.

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