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Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav is considered as the mystical and magical festival of Rann of Kutch. Several tourists from native regions and also from various parts of world make plan to visit and enjoy in the event. Rann Utsav is celebrated in December month at full moon night. During this festival people are dressed in colorful costumes, exquisite jewellery and perform various folk dances and performing arts. Even many people put stalls whereas other enjoys various activities such as bird watching, camel and horse rides. Tourists visiting Rann of Kutch can also spend marvelous time at its awe inspiring landscapes. Even the ethnical and ecological diversity of the city can be explored by the arrivals.


Rann Utsav is a colorful and exotic event that is celebrated by people of Rann of Kutch. They enjoy this festival with music concert, art, folk dances, handicrafts and lots of hastkala. It even provides an exclusive opportunity to witness the creativity of artisans and craftsmen. One can even participate in music and dance carnival that takes place during the festival. Several cultural tropes make plan to visit this region so that they can enjoy and take active part in this festival. Also in this festival of Rann Utsav arrivals can get a true experience of the indigenous culture and traditions of people of Rann of Kutch. Even the ethnical flavor of Rann of Kutch people’s can be experienced during this festival.

Rann Utsav is a festival that is known for its unique customs and traditions. This festival is celebrated basically by the people of Gujarat and living in Rann of Kutch region. They organize it in month of December at full moon night. This festival begins in Bhuj city and then circulates around the district with grand finale. Tourists from all over the world make plan for Rann of Kutch so that they can enjoy in the festival. This festival is even accompanied by mouth watering cuisines and various recreational activities such as horse and camel riding.

Tourists Essential

Rann Utsav is basically a celebration of cultural heritages of Gujarat. Tourists visiting this festival will come across various local handicrafts such as terracotta, block printing, embroidery and wood carving. Also on this day people perform folk dances and enjoy several mouth watering delicacies. This festival even hosts numbers of activities such as horse rides, camel safaris, hot air balloon rides to bird watching. Tourists visiting Rann of Kutch during Rann Utsav will surely enjoy remarkable moments. Even arrivals can plan family trip and spend some of their time at sanctuary that inhabits several endangered Indian wild ass along with various species of birds. Arrivals can also enjoy the breathtaking natural views at Little Rann of Kutch. Even peaceful moments can be spend at this region. The full moon night is considered as the best time to take splendors and glimpse of this region.

One can even experience the lifestyle, cultures and traditions of rural people when visiting Rann of Kutch. There are numerous museums and temples in the vicinity that are worth visiting as well as fascinating fossil site. This city even offer plenty of stay options therefore tourists of without any issue can make plan and enjoy most in their vacations.

How to Reach

Rann Utsav is another unique festival of Gujarat that proudly showcases the crafts and myriad arts of Gujarat. This festival is celebrated by folk dance and songs along with Rann’s natural beauty. It begins from mid of December and ends till end of January of next year. Number of visitors make plan for Rann Utsav that is held t little Rann of Kutch. This place is accessible from Ahmedabad as it lay at a distance of 410kms far whereas Bhuj city is situated 260kms way. Both airports and railway station are well connected with rest of India. Tourists can even catch a bus or prepaid taxis so that they can reach safely and sound to Rann of Kutch. The Hodka and Dhordo village are located at border of Rann of Kutch and they make an excellent base for a pleasant visit. Therefore one can make booking either by trains or planes and can be a part of Rann Utsav that is a unique cultural celebration.

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