Fairs & Festivals in Gujarat

Gujarat fairs and festivals are well known worldwide. It’s conjointly referred to as the 'Land of fairs and festivals'. Around 3500 fairs and festivals are noted all around the year. The importance of them is that they take quicker step for the rich enlightening kind of the folks. Conjointly one will get to acknowledge regarding the provincial preparation and garments throughout the fairs and festivals. Of these are dominated by heavenly body and stellar calendars and are chiefly non secular in nature. One outstanding characteristic of it's that one cans data the enriching and sacred vary of the place. The Gujarat fairs and festivals draw thousands of tourists every year from all obliquely the sphere in order that they will approach and observer the opaque cultural heritage.

January Fairs and Festivals

Kite Competition

Kite competition falls on January fourteen by marking the progress of the Sun into the hemisphere. Kite flying day in Gujarat is like no different day anyplace else in Gujarat. On today the sky everywhere state gets dotted with uncounted kites.

Dance Festival: Modhera

Sun Temple at Modhera is found in North Gujarat and is an exalting sight. Entertainer of Indian classical dance performs their ability throughout 3 days competition.

February/March Fairs and Festivals

Kutch Utsav

In Gregorian calendar month there's terribly explicit likelihood to go to tannin closely. Conjointly this place is taken into account as an area of lndia's oldest customary and cultural icons. Conjointly it's thought of as a tour of life. Its attractiveness, ethos, history, traditions and culture offer most unforgettable expertise.

March/April Fairs and Festivals

Holi – Competition of Color

Holi could be a carnival of color. With era being no bar, the young and recent showers coloured water and Gulal on each other. Men, ladies and youngsters assemble at the occasion of the beacon and sing and dance.

July / August Fairs and Festivals

Janmashtami Competition

Janamashtami could be an explicit and really happy occasion. All the most temples like Dwaraka and Dakor are particularly dedicated to Lord Krishna. They’re brilliantly festooned on today. Bhajans and Kirtans in these temples emphasize the long celebrations.

August / Sept Fairs and Festivals

Ravechi Fair

Ravechi Mata Temple is set close to Nana Reva in Rapar Taluka of tannin. A powerful honest is hung on Bhadra Sud Atham of lunisolar calendar. Over thirty thousand of us contribute in Ravechi honest, chiefly in Ahir, Rabari and Charan communities. Special buses are completed available throughout the honest.

October/November Fairs and Festivals


Dushera is preceded for 9 days and it's a special implication for the folks of Gujarat. They celebrate Navaratri competition with glory. Many ladies and youngsters contribute within the Garba dance. There are Garba competitions in main cities and cities. Within the Ras and Garba dances there's music, rhythm, grace and sweetness. It’s sort of civilization and self look of people exclusive to Gujarat.

Deepavali – The Celebration of Lights

After capture Ravan and rescuing mythical being, Lord Ram created a palm come to his capital Ayodhya wherever he was topped. To blot the happy juncture folks clothed their homes with lamps and since then today is noted as Deepavali – the fete of lights. The background of the black night improves the attractiveness of the little material oil lamps that are adorned within the homes. On today, folks worship Laxmi, the god of wealth, Saraswati, the god of learning and humanities, and Lord Ganesh, the God of masses. To mark this happy occasion, nice figures of nutty are rupture. Future day of Deepavali is noted as a brand new Year’s in Gujarat.

Vautha Fair

Vautha is positioned at a distance of sixty kilometres off from Ahmedabad town. A good is command at the Sangam Tirth that's the convergence of seven rivers. This is often one in every of the most important fairs within the state. A splendid honest is command every year at Vautha, wherever 2rivers, the Sabarmati and therefore the Vatrak meet. The Vautha Mela website is three sq. miles in space. Several guests are seen significantly creating table for Gujarat trip throughout Vautha honest. This is often the sole main animal commercialism feast in Gujarat. Regarding 4000 donkeys a brought every year for auction typically by Vaniara traders.

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