Surat is the diamond and textile hub of India that has supported many multinational companies. This region of Gujarat is also known for silk weaveslike the Gajee sarees, Tanchoi and Kinkhab brocades. Even one will find numerous diamonds cutting as well as jewelry markets. The wood and ivory inlay works are also famous in this region.

History of Surat

This city was initially settled by Parsis in 12th century and later became the Mughal Port. It even became a transit point for Mecca. In year of 1613 Surat was settled by English people in India. After 1947, Surat became an independent city and in year of 1994 it was rated as India’s filthiest city. Also after survey it was found that this city Surat is considered as the cleanest and healthiest region after Chandigarh.  Surat initially in era of 1546 was just a riverside castle but now it is filled with several offices. One can still find some good visions from its bastions. This city even has colonial tombs that are dated from 15th to 18th centuries. Tourists visiting this city will find spectacular sightseeing views as it inhabits nearby Dang Mountains.

Climate of Surat

Surat is a city of Gujarat that consists of huge textile outlets. A big saree retail centre is situated one kilometer far from the train station. Majority of tourists visiting this city make sure to visit the Bombay market even. Also this region is encircled with pleasant cool atmosphere all round the year. Basically it enjoys three types of seasons and that are summer, winter and monsoons. Also it receives gentle cool sea breezes of Tapti River. Therefore tourists can plan a trip at any time of the year. They should also make sure to check the climate initially and then only plan their trip so that every outdoor activity can be enjoyed by them.

How to Reach at Surat

Surat is the administrative capital of its district and is located at a distance of 306km from city of Gandhinagar. This region is considered as the second largest city of Gujarat and consists of dense population. Tourists planning a trip for Surat can easily reach here as it is connected with all three types of transportations such as airport, railway station and road. One can land at Surat airport that provide numerous flights for several cities and districts. Even the Surat railway station connects itself with many cities through rail routes. Passengers can even plan a journey for Surat and travel on roads as it is linked with few expressways and national highways. Various state buses as well as private luxury coaches serve economic transportations for Surat.

Where to Stay in Surat

On Tapti River a city is situated known as Surat that is a commercial center of diamonds and textile. This city has brought up with various admiration points therefore lot of visitors plan a trip for their vacations. In favor of its people enjoyment and even tourists easiness it has created some hotels and restaurants. One can make the bookings in advance as per the need and convenience as in this city all five stars to budgeted hotels resides. Even many restaurants and other dining cafes can be seen that provide exclusive cuisines. The Hotel Golden Star, Best Western Yuvraj, Hotel Central Excellency and The Gateway Hotel all provide various kinds of facilities to their guests. Tourists visiting this region will even come across well maintained accommodations along with traditional and coastal cuisines.

Places to Visit

Surat is a city of Gujarat that is surrounded by various attraction and admiration points. This region endows its arrivals with various places of interest such as historical, religious or entertaining sites. Tourists visiting this place can enjoy some recreational water sport activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing and swimming. Sun bathing and boating rides can also be enjoyed at Surat. This place even inhabits some temples such as The Chintamani Jain Temple and Parsi Agiary. One can spend great evenings at its parks and gardens. The Jawaharlal Nehru Garden and Dutch Garden are majorly visited by the families so that they can spend great refreshing and soothing moments. Arrivals can even visit the Science centre, The Dutch Cemetery, The Sardar Patel Museum and Wilson Hills.

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