Palitana is a beautiful and outstanding town situated in Gujarat state of India of Bhavnagar district. This city is considered as the most sacred place because it consists of many Jains temples. Also Palitana is the only town that has more than 900 temples that basically belongs to Jain community. The temples found in this city are exquisitely marble carved and appear as ivory miniatures when seen from a distance. Thousands of pilgrims make plan for this city so that they can worship their deities. Hindi and Gujarati are the official languages spoken widely in the city.

History of Palitana

In year of 1194, Palitana was founded as a princely state of Saurashtra district. This city Palitana covers an area of about 777 square kilometers and consists of around 58000 inhabitants. In year of 1656, Murud Baksh the son of Shah Jahan granted the Palitana village to the most important Jain merchant known as Shantidas Jhaveri. In year of 1730 the temples of this city were managed by the Anandji Kalyanji trust. Also initially it was found that Palitana was the native state of India in the Kathiawar Agency of Bombay presidency. Later on in year of 1948 and on 15th February this city became independent and falls under as the region of Gujarat state of India.

Climate of Palitana

The major pilgrimage center of Jains in Gujarat state is the city of Palitana. This city has got several ancient Jains temples. Tourists visiting this city will come across soothing and temperate weather. The days are found humid, hot and dry whereas the night temperature becomes mild cold. This city basically inhabits three types of environment such as summer, winter and monsoons. Also heavy rainfall occurs that make this region moist and humid. Winter months that are from October to March are considered as the ideal months for visiting this region.

How to Reach Palitana

Near Bhavnagar district a city is situated known as Palitana. This city has an airport that lays 51kms far and resides in Bhavnagar district. Tourists making plan for this region can easily make bookings of planes as many airlines offer cost effective fares for Palitana. Also the international airport is situated at Ahmedabad and two flights run daily from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. This Ahmedabad city is situated at a distance of 215kms and one can reach Palitana by road. Various buses run all day long from Bhavnagar to Palitana. Even passengers can travel from regular buses that travel daily from Una, Talaja, Diu and Ahmedabad. It takes approximately six hours to reach Palitana city when traveling from Diu or Una. On hire one can take taxis and reach Palitana region. The nearest bus stand is situated 800 meters from the city of Palitana railway station. This small railways head is connected to Bhavnagar and Songadh. Most of the trains stop at Sihor city that is linked with Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad.

Where to Stay at Palitana

Palitana region is situated at an average of 67meters in Indian state of Gujarat. This city has got splendid attraction and religious sites. Every year thousands of Hindu devotees and tourists make plan so that they can relax and spend some cheerful moments. Therefore this city has developed some hotels, lodges and guest houses. Visitors as per their convenience can find accommodations from five stars to most affordable ones. Also some restaurants, cafes and other dining outlets can be seen that provide various delicious cuisines. The hotels of this city aim at offering many facilities along with well maintained rooms so that their guests can make their holiday more comfortable.

Places to Visit

Palitana is the Jain pilgrimage center that is situated in Indian state of Gujarat. This city has numerous temples small and big on the two summits. Tourists visiting this city can spend peaceful times along with can worship their deities too. This Jain Tirthankars attains a nirvan on Shtrunjay Hill and therefore this place is recognized as Siddhakshetra where one can attain moksh. Also there are other temples such as Kumarpal, Adinath, Samprati Raja and Vimalshah. These all are also worshipped widely by the arrivals. Besides Jain temples there are some Hindu temples of Lord Shiva, Hunamanji and goddess Saraswati.

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