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The metropolis of Ahmedabad provides the most befitting access point into Gujarat. The city houses some of the finest museums of the world - The Calico Museum of Textiles being one of them. The women of Ahmedabad city are known to adorn stunning embroidered garments and silver jewelry hinting of their culture. This enclosed city is like a living testament of its legacy of crafts. You can find a seamless blend in mosques which portray the talent of the workmen, wooden Jain temples, unique stone carved wells and houses with lavishly carved wooden verandahs and window shades in the traditional city of Ahmedabad.

Present day Ahmedabad, just past the River Sabarmati which is decorated by four bridges, is an exhibit of modern architecture with designs by some of the best Indian Architects like Le Corbusier and Louis Khan. Ahmedabad is an opportune base for a number of expeditions, Modhera being the most famous. At a distance of 106 km, Modhera is one of the best sun temples of India.

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