Jamnagar is a city of Gujarat state that is considered as a Jewel of Kathiawar. This city is located on coast of Gulf of Kutch and has unspoilt beaches and islands. Also this city consists of largest private company along with world largest oil refinery. Even Jamnagar is identified as Oil city of India and thus is home to Essar Oil refinery. People of different religions and customs can be seen in this city that follow and celebrates various religious and cultural festivals and events.

History of Jamnagar

In 1535 AD, Jamnagar was founded by Great Jam Rawal. He was son of Jam Lakhaji who ruled Terabanu region in Kutch. Later on Jam Rawal conquered the territory and also the town of Dhrol. He even made himself a master of great territory and then founded the city Jamnagar. This city was identified by him as once he went on hunting and found a hare to be brave enough to turn on the hunting dogs and putting them to flight. This made Jam Rawal deeply impressed and thought that this Jamnagar land would breed such hares. Thereafter he consulted with his wise men and astrologers and on 1540 AD in August month he founded this city on the banks of the two rivers Nagmati and Rangmati and named it as Nawanagar. Later on Nawanagar was renamed as Jamnagar that means the land of Jams.

Climate of Jamnagar

Jamnagar basically enjoys semi arid climate along with three defined seasons such as hot, wet and cool. Also at times this city receives tropical cyclones that affect the weather. The most favorable and comfortable period for visiting Jamnagar is considered from the months of October to February. At this period the temperature gets cool with low humidity and negligible rainfall.

How to Reach Jamnagar

One can easily and safely reach this region as it inhabits all sorts of commuting services. It consists of an airport that provides direct flights to Mumbai and other regions. Even the railway station of Jamnagar makes sure to serve its passengers rail routes to a variety of destinations of India. Even one can reach Jamnagar though roads that runs from Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Various buses and other transiting services provide the facility of economic transportations. Tourists can hire cabs, taxis or jeeps and can reach this region off without any obstruction. Even the state transport has provided the service between Ahmedabad aiport and Jamnagar city.

Where to Stay in Jamnagar

Jamnagar is a coastal region of Indian state of Gujarat. This region is also the capital of Nawanagar and is situated near the small Lake known as Ranmal. This city is widely visited by the arrivals as it consists of numerous religious and historical attractions. Therefore many hotels and restaurants can be seen nearby that serve beneficial and economic services. This enchanting place is also home to three defense forces of India and is well known for handicrafts and other Brass products. Tourists visiting this city will find many well maintained accommodation and dining amenities at Hotel Swati, Madras Hotel and 7 Seas Restaurant.

Places to Visit

Another Gujarat’s delight area is Jamnagar region. This little and fantabulous visited city has decayed building and colorful lively bazaars. Also this region is known for Bandhani bazaars that produces them in brilliant colors. Bandhani is majorly produced in Jamnagar and it is a laborious job that involves thousands of tiny knots in a piece of the folded fabric. Tourists can plan a trip for this place as it has got marvelous attraction sites. Also it is considered as an ideal place for finding the coastlines that stretches till Dwarka region. Jamnagar consists of rare species of birds that flock to the deep ankle islands. Arrivals can spend a great time at this place as it has got Lakhota Museum Palace. This place has great historical relevance and even inhabits striking buildings with grotesque gargoyles and fine woodcarvings.

One can even enjoy their vacations along with their family at Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary and Marine National Park. Arrivals must plan trip in between September to March months as these months encompasses freshwaters and salt marshlands along with huge flock of cranes. Children will surely love to visit Marine National park as it has rich bird and marine life. Also this place has forty two islands and an isolated park that stretches 170kms along the coastline.

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