The Naganath is located close to west coast of Gujarat and is situated at a distance of 18kms far from Dwarka city. This city is considered as the oldest and holiest city of Indian state of Gujarat. Also a famous temple known as Naganath temple resides in this region. This holy place is even recognized as Nageshwar Temple Jyotirlinga and it is located on the route between Bait Dwarka and Gomti Dwarka. One can even reach this temple by crossing the Pamban Bridge across the sea. Even this temple is known as the first Jyotirlinga on earth. Thousands of pilgrims visit this place in order to worship their deities.

History of Naganath

Naganath city has great historical as well as religious relevance. This city is basically known for its Naganath or Nageshwar temple and was believed that it was constructed during reign of Pandavas. This magnificent temple has numerous smaller shrines out of which 108 are Shiva shrines and rest 68 is other shrines. Afterwards Mughals came to rule and wanted to destroy this temple but the devotees later on build it again. This temple of Naganath city is widely visited by the arrivals travelling from all over India.

Climate of Naganath

Naganath city is located on coast of Saurashtra in Gujarat state. This place has got pleasant climate with hot and dry summers and mild cold winters. Even this city inhabits monsoons with annual rainfall. Tourists making a plan for this land must make sure to check the climate initially and then only plan their trip. The best season for visiting Naganath would be recommended between Octobers to February months. In these months or time era the climate becomes pleasant with day temperatures are found refreshing and night environment becomes mild cold. One can make plan for this city easily and can enjoy at its natural sites along with can worship their lords too.

How to Reach at Naganath

Pilgrims or tourists planning a holy trip for this land can easily get there as it supports various forms of commuting services. The nearest airport is situated at Jamnagar that is 146kms far. One can even travel through trains as the railway head is located at Dwarka. It provides the rail route from Bombay, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Ahmedabad. Even arrivals can drive on the roads as it is linked with road routes nearby with various cities. Also travelers can travel through State transport buses that run all day and provide economic transportation fares. Auto rickshaws, private taxis and tongas are also accessible for local transports.

Where to Stay in Naganath

Naganath is a beautiful small city with a famous well known temple known as Nagnath or Nageshwar temple. This place in favor of tourists and more of for devotees has developed some hotels, guest houses, resorts and dharamshalas. Even some dining outlets and restaurants can also be seen in the vicinity. Visitors visiting this place can spend remarkable moments and can capture great memories. The ancient temples and natural surroundings of this city fascinate the tourists and provide them worth able visits.

Places to Visit

Naganath city is basically a holy place that contains a famous temple known as Nageshwar temple. This city is situated near Dwarka city and is considered as one of the holiest place of Gujarat. Also this pilgrimage centre inhabits a huge Shiva statue that is widely worshipped by the arrivals when visiting this city. This temple has been beautifully kept in Naganath city and it even consists of a towering Sikhara that welcomes one from a long distance. People visiting this place will come across one of the absolute specialty that is the Shiva statue. This statue is located next to Naganath temple and people make sure to worship it also when making a stop at Naganath temple. This statue is one of the biggest and largest statues of India.

Archeological lovers will find great things to explore in this temple. The Naganath temple is built of stones and is believed that it was constructed during Pandava period. Large corridors and strong four walls both can be seen in the Naganath temple. Also a spacious hall can be seen that is supported by the eight pillars.

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