Junagadh is a famous and ancient city of Gujarat. This city has various interesting and attractive places along with numerous eye catching monuments. Junagadh has great historical relevance and the monuments of this city are there since the era of rulers. Majority of tourists from across the world come to this region every year in various occasions and seasons. Not only is an amazing land, this city even considered as a pilgrimage center. It has produced a fair number of saints in the long history. Narsinha Mehta belongs to this region. He was the famous poet of Gujarati saint. The best and ideal period to visit Junagadh city is between the October and April months. During these months the climate supports the atmosphere and allows tourists to enjoy outdoor activities and explorations.

History of Junagadh

Junagadh is a prosperous region of Gujarat state and contains great historical background. This place was initially ruled by Mauryan dynasty and later on later on Solanki dynasty over ruled it. Afterwards Chudasam dynasty conquered Solanki and invaded Junagadh. Mughal rule also attack the Chudasam kingdom and then founded the state of Junagadh. In 1748 this city was founded but in 1807 it came under British protectorate. In 1947 when India got Independence many incidents ccurs that made Junagadh fall under Bombay state. Later on in 1960 the Bombay state got divided and invaded two other linguistic states known as Gujarat and Maharashtra, in which Junagadh was invaded.

Climate of Junagadh

Junagadh is a wonderful city with lots of admiration and attraction points. This city surrounds semi arid climate with day temperatures hot and humid and night environment mild cold. Also this place has cool weather during winter months. Monsoons also occur at this city during June, July, August and September months. Tourists visiting this city can spend great holidays during winter months that are from October to April.  This is considered as an ideal time for spending worth able vacations.

How to Reach Junagadh

Junagadh can be visited safely and conveniently as it is connected with various commuting services. Travelers can reach this region either traveling from trains or landing through planes. The nearest airport situated close to Junagadh is at Keshod region that is about 37kms far. This airport provides the facility of domestic airlines and many flights run daily from Mumbai to Keshod cities. One can even reach Junagadh by trains as the railway station of this region provide commuting services to some important cities such as Jabalpur, Pune and Trivandrum. Even there is also a broad gauge service to Rajkot and Veraval and meter gauge to Delvada. Tourists can even take regular or private buses that run from various cities of Gujarat to Junagadh.

Where to Stay in Junagadh

Junagadh region has got splendid places of interest. This city even inhabits various restaurants, guest houses and hotels so that arrivals visiting Junagadh can easily stay and dine out. A fair number of resorts can also be seen in the vicinity of Junagadh that too serve various kinds of facilities. Tourists visiting this area will come across few well maintained accommodations. Even many dining outlets and cafes can be seen that are also visited widely by the arrivals for refreshments.

Places to Visit

In Indian state of Gujarat Junagadh is considered as the headquarters of Junagadh district. This seventh largest city has several remarkable places of admiration. It consists of many historical, religious and entertainment sights. The Mahabat Maqbara is a royal palace mausoleum of Junagadh and is known for its intricate architecture. The Vagheshwari and Gayatri Mandir both are largely visited by the pilgrims. Also several devotees flock to this land in order to worship their deities at Damodarji temple that is situated near Aswatthama hill. An impressive fort known as Uperkot is also enjoyed by the archeological lovers. Even tourists visiting this region make sure to spend some time at the wild museum and science museum. One can also plan a family outing for this region as it consists of Wellington Dam, Moti Baug and Damodar Kund. Children will surely love this place as it inhabit a Narsinh Mehta Lake that is a gorgeous lake and was built by mutual effort of the people of Junagadh.

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