In western Indian and in state of Gujarat a city is situated known as Kutch. This city has wet and dry climate therefore it is well known for ecologically significant Banni grasslands and marshy wetlands. Kutch consists of dense population along with people of different religions and customs. Numerous cultural and religious festivals and events are celebrated in this city. Large groups and communities of Ahirs can also be seen in Kutch city. This fastest growing city is even regarded as the industrial and economic centre of its state.

History of Kutch

Kutch city has an interesting history. The Indus valley civilization is considered as one of the ancient civilized societies. Britishers also captured this city but at time of independence of 1947, Kutch became a sovereign region and in year of 1960, it finally became a part of Gujarat state when Bombay state was divided in two new linguistic states that are Gujarat and Maharashtra. In this year Kutch finally became a city or a part of Gujarat.

Climate of Kutch

Kutch is an island that is bordered by Arabian Sea in west, Rann of Kutch in north and Gulf of Kutch in south. This region basically enjoys pleasant cool atmosphere along with sea breezes at night. Basically it inhabit three seasons such as summer, winter and monsoons. The day temperature is usually hot and humid whereas the night environment becomes mild cold. One can make plan for Kutch during winter months or from October to March as in these period era visitors can enjoy every outdoor activity. Rainfall also occurs that makes the region moist and damped.

How to Reach Kutch

Kutch is a city that is located at south west of Gujarat. This city is considered as a paradise for cultural tourists as it inhabits distinct customs and traditions. One can visit this region either by air or by trains. People can also hire cabs, taxis and private jeeps that serve the economic transportations. Several state and private buses run all day long and provide the transiting services. These buses travel from Rajkot, Mumbai, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad. The Sayaji Nagri Express and the Kutch Express provide the train route from Mumbai via, Ahmedabad, Surat and Gandhidham to Bhuj. Even people can land to the nearest airport at Bhuj by taking Jet Airways. Air Deccan has also provided the facility of daily flight that started from Mumbai city to Gandhidham town.

Where to Stay in Kutch

Kutch is situated in Gujarat state and has various places of interest. Tourists visiting this region can easily stay and dine out as various hotels and restaurants can be seen in the vicinity of Kutch. The Hotel Gangaram, Hotel Lake View and Hotel Sea View all provide best facilities to their guests. From well maintained and clean rooms to exclusive cuisines all are served by these hotels and guests houses.

Places to Visit

Kutch is the largest city of Gujarat where 18 varied tribes live. This city even inhabits distinct culture, language and customs. Tourists visiting this region can spend marvelous vacations as it inhabits many places of entertainment, admiration and historical. The Green Park is majorly enjoyed by the arrivals whereas many make sure to visit Little Rann Sanctuary and Aina Mahal. One can also plan a family trip for this city as it inhabits the well known Prag Mahal. This place is worth visiting as it consists of exuberant and ghostly Durbar Mahal. Also arrivals will come across many gold skirted classical statues as this place.

The Kutch Vipassana Centre has a mediation centre too and is majorly visited by the arrivals. People willing to relax and spend peaceful moments can make a visit at Desert Coursers that has attractive and comfortable kooba in a peaceful place. Kooba are the traditional thatched roof huts where mediation can be done by the people looking for peaceful hours. The folk art museum, Nooorani Mahal and Zoorba the Buddha all are popular places situated in Kutch. The Jesal is a small cuisine restaurant and is widely visited by the arrivals. This restaurant serves exclusive breakfast options as well as Chinese and other curries for lunch and dinner.

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