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Gandhinagar is the fund city of Gujarat State in India. It is one of the three intended cities and is situated on the banks of the River Sabarmati. Gandhinagar is also located between Delhi and Mumbai and is ten to fifteen minutes coerce from the Ahmedabad International and Domestic airport. This city has been separated and stretched around the central Government complex. Each sector has its own shopping, primary school, community center, government, health center and private housing.

History of Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar got its forename from the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The town got an individuality of its own when the city of Mumbai was divided into two detach states that are Gujarat and Maharashtra. Mumbai since then became a fraction of Maharashtra whereas Gandhinagar became a division of Gujarat as a state. Gandhinagar emerged as the novel principal for the state of Gujarat. Mahatma Gandhi belonged to this place and the chronological background proves the point that numerous nationwide movements were intended to grow the nation’s freedom.

Climate of Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar has monsoon climate with three main seasons: summer, monsoon and winter. The climate is generally dry. The weather is severely hot from March to June. The southwest monsoon brings a humid climate from mid-June to mid-September.

How to Reach Gandhinagar

By Air

There are no straight flights to Gandhinagar as the city doesn't have an airport. The flights can be planked at Ahmedabad and then additional the local modes of transition can be availed to reach Gandhinagar. Ahmedabad is located at a distance of 27 kms away from Gandhinagar.

By Rail

Gandhinagar is well associated to all other western parts of India. There are many trains one can take to reach the Gandhinagar Railway station.

By Road

Gandhinagar has an extensive system of roads and is linked to almost all parts of Gujarat by road. One can easily attain here via Ahmedabad through normal government and confidential bus services. These bus services attach Gandhinagar to the adjoining cities as well.

Getting Around Gandhinagar

One can employ private tourist taxis or auto rickshaws to explore the city. The fare can be negotiated before hiring. The city bus service is well-organized but perceptibly crowded. Arrivals can also take a rickshaw ride and enjoy this entire good-looking city.

Where to Stay in Gandhinagar

There are various places to stay in Gandhinagar. The accommodation and even dining facilities in Gandhinagar city aim to satisfy the demands and demands of all sections of the society. For a luxurious stay try hotels like, Fortune Inn Haveli Gandhinagar, Cambay Spa & Resort and Info city Club and Resort and Isher International Hotel Gandhinagar.

Places to Visit

  • Akshardham: It is the most well-known temple of Swaminarayan and is the richest section in the world. Also it is bordered by lush emerald gardens and commendable fountains.
  • Capital Complex: In the middle of Gandhi nagar and in Sector 10, a well-laid-out compound of buildings lies. It houses the government and management offices. Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan is a glorious vaulted building that stands regally on a elevated platform and in the middle of a circular lake. Also it is connected by lynching corridors. Sardar Bhavan houses diverse range of departments such as the State Secretariat in Narmada Bhavan and the offices of all the heads of departments are even situated. The Secretariat along with the offices of the heads of various departments is now positioned in a composite of three-storied structure.
  • Children's Park : It is a major magnetism for children and also for festival makers. It is situated in Sector 28 and has a small train along with a lake that provides boating amenities.
  • Sarita Udyan: In sector 9 and along the river front, a lovely Sarita Udyan is located. It is an ideal spot for picnickers. The whole area is being urbanized so that they can provide full leisure facilities. Deer Park is situated contiguous to Sarita Udyan and on the outskirts of the principal city. It is even considered as the sprawling deer park and numerous children esteem this place.

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