Somnath city is situated near Veraval region of Saurashtra district. This city has great religious importance. An ancient temple known as Somnath temple also resides in the region. Every year numerous devotees from all over world make plan for this city in order to worship their deities. This city is also located on west coast of Indian state of Gujarat and is known for residing one of the twelve jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. Also this temple is known as Shrine Eternal, Deo Pattan and Prabhas Pattan. Even Somnath temple is recognized for the treasure trove of wealth and goodies.

History of Somnath

In Gujarat state a well known pilgrimage center is located known as Somnath. This city has gained importance because of its ancient temple. Also it inhabits extensive historical importance that made itself more prominent city.  An ancient temple of Lord Shiva at Somnath is worshipped majorly by the arrivals. This temple has been rebuilt in year of 1947 after Independence as it was initially destroyed by many rulers and kings. In May 1951 Rajendra Prasad address that this Somnath temple will be constructed again. Even he added that this Somnath temple has the power of reconstruction than the power of destruction. On reconstruction of this temple, he made an attempt in Hindu revivalism. This temple has influence from Chalukya style or the Kailash Mahameru Prasad style. The shikhar of this Somnath temple is 150 meters high and has 27 foot tall flag pole at the top. Shree Somnath Trust manage and take care of this temple.

Climate of Somnath

In most part of the year, the climate of Somnath is basically pleasant and temperate. The best time to visit this city is from October to March. During this era one can enjoy great at sightseeing sites and even at temples. During monsoons that is from June to September the arrivals can enjoy rainy days and also at the sightseeing sites. Usually Somnath experiences three types of climate such as winters, summers and monsoons. Arrivals must make sure to check the climate in advance and then only confirm their bookings so that they can enjoy at every attraction and religious site of this city.

How to Reach at Somnath

Somnath is a wonderful place that has escape into the roaring silence of nature. This exotic city of Gujarat state can easily be arrived as it is connected with well maintained roads and railways. One can travel from Junagadh city that is located at a distance of 79kms far. Many roads run from this Junagadh city at Chorwad area and help the passengers in reaching the land safe and sound. Tourists can also take State transport buses and even travel through private luxury coaches. These buses drive from various cities and districts of Gujarat till Somnath city. Tourists can also make their trip more accessible as they can reach at the nearest railway head at Veraval that is located 6kms away from Somnath city.

Where to Stay in Somnath

Somnath is a beautiful paradise that inhabits a fair number of recreational activities. Tourists visiting this city will come across many admiration points. Even one can make their trip more active and excited by enjoying camel rides along with light snacks.  When it comes for accommodation and dining, this city has got many hotels and restaurants. The hotel Bhagyoday Palace, Hotel Indralok, Hotel Vishala and Hotel Shikhar Palace all are five star rated hotels. Even one can find budgeted resorts, lodges and guest houses too in Somnath.

Places to Visit

Somnath is an awe-inspiring land that inhabits several religious temples. This pilgrimage place is visited majorly by large number of devotees from all around the world. Also it has a rugged sea that provides it a wistful and lonely charm. Therefore one can even relax at this city and can spend some peaceful moments of their vacations. Tourists visiting this city will come across an ancient temple of Somnath. This temple has been rebuilt and razzed eight times and has rich historical relevance behind. Also arrivals can spend their moments at Prabas Pata Museum that contains the remains of old temples along with several beautiful fragments such as 11th century ceiling.

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