Rajkot city is intimately related with socio political life of India. Even it is considered as a significant centre of country where non violence was practiced. This city also inhabits several knowledge centers and fascinating buildings. It consists of a famous center known as Arya Samaj. This multicultural land has dense population that belongs to different religions and customs. Various languages are spoken such as Urdu, English, Hindi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi. Kathiyawadi is the word that is used to denote people of Rajkot. This vibrant city has constructed many facilities for its people convenience such as hospitals, banks, educational institutes and even some entertaining and religious sites. Numerous pilgrims also visit this city every year from almost all over worldwide in order to worship their deities. The Raj Rameshwar Temple is the only religious place in the city. This fourth largest city of Gujarat after Surat, Vadodara and Ahmedabad resides pleasant cool environment. Approximately this region is located 245kms far from the state’s capital Gandhinagar.

History of Rajkot

The history of Rajkot city forms a major aspect. One can find few notable historical facts that are linked with this city. Initially Rajkot was the capital of Gujarat princely state Rajkot as now it is the administrative headquarters. Also once it became the capital of Saurashtra. This city was founded by Vibhoji who was the son of famous personality Ajoji. During British rule Rajkot was used to be the headquarters and later on after independence it became an independent city.

Climate of Rajkot

Gujarat’s significant city Rajkot is located in an area known as Saurashtra. This city basically entertains pleasant cool atmosphere and does not exhibit lot of extremities. Three important seasons can be seen in this city that is summers, monsoons and winter. Summer season spans from March to June thereafter monsoon accumulates and lasts till September. The best season to visit Rajkot is between the months from October to February.

How to Reach Rajkot

Rajkot city is bordered by Surendarnagar and Bhavnagar in the east, Kutch in the north, Amreli in the south and Jamnagar in the west. Tourists planning a trip for this marvelous land can reach by road, air or rail. It has good connection with all kinds of commuting facilities. Gujarat State Road Transportation Corporation provides regular buses whereas some private buses even serve the facilities of transportations. Even the railway facility from Rajkot to all the major Indian cities is available. The development of aviation can also be seen. Few airlines such as Jet Airways provide the service of daily flights to Mumbai.

Where to Stay in Rajkot

Rajkot is blessed with various attraction points and thus supports many facilities for its arrivals. Tourists visiting this city will find numerous hotels and restaurants ranging from five star luxuries to budgeted ones. The Hotel King Palace, Chouki Dhani, Hotel Harmony, Hotel Silver Palace and Hotel Kavery all serve best amenities to their arrivals. Travelers can easily stay and dine out when visiting this city.

Places to Visit

Rajkot is a colorful land with people of varied customs, traditions, communities and groups. This city is filled with stunning ashrams, temples, gardens and lakes. One can plan a trip for this exotic land and can spend marvelous vacations. Even a family outing can also be planned as it consists of several admiration points. The Rotary Dolls Museum is widely visited by the arrivals. This museum consists of a vast collection of figures and puppets from all over the world. Sport lovers can cheer up the matches at Madhavroa Scindia Cricket ground. Archeological lovers can explore the colonial era monuments that are situated at Jubilee Garden. The Garba dance of this city also fascinates many arrivals.

Rajkot is a 22nd fastest growing city in Gujarat state. It inhabits splendid landmarks such as Watson Museum, Lang Library and Rotary Midtown Library. Other points of interest in Rajkot are such as Hashanshah Pir Dargah, Gebanshah Pir Dargah and Turkibapu’s Dargah. Even this city has regional major center of arts and performing arts. There are a fair number of public libraries with many branches so that people can spend a great time there and gain vast knowledge.

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