Ahmedabad is the judicial capital of Gujarat state and inhabit Gujarat high court. This fifth largest city of its state has dense population and is situated on banks of Sabarmati River. Also this city is considered as the seventh largest metropolitan area of India. This city resides close to Gandhinagar that is state’s capital. A large number of textile industries can be seen in Ahmedabad region. This city has even promoted many rights such as for workers and farmers. A fair number of Muslims, Hindus and Jains can be seen in Ahmedabad. Therefore this city has rich cultural heritage and even is well known for celebrating various religious festivals and events. The most famous sport of this region is Cricket and therefore Sardar Patel Stadium is located in Ahmedabad region so that sport lovers can practice and even play many cricket matches.

History of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is awarded as the best city of its state and thus it inhabits great historical significance. This city was founded in 11th century and when it was recognized as Ashaval. Later on 14th century Gujarat came under control of Delhi Sultanate. But in 15th century this city Ahmedabad that was once came to be known as Karnavati finally became independent and was again renamed by the Sultan Ahmad Shah in 1411 AD. From 1457 to 1758, this Ahmedabad city came under the influence of Mughal rule and became the provincial headquarters of the Mughals. Afterwards Maratha rule came to power that conquered Mughal rule and brought out Ahmedabad city again independent. British rule also played a dynamic role and made a railway link between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. By 1960, this Ahmedabad city finally became a metropolis city and established European styled buildings. Now this city has become a metro region with various facilities and consists of dense population too.

Climate of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a vibrant region that enjoys semi arid weather with less amount of rainfall. This city also experiences tropical savanna environment. Basically there are three seasons such as monsoon, winter and summer. Also this city surrounds extremely dry atmosphere. One can plan a trip during winter months that is from November to February as during these months the cold northerly winds blow and makes the atmosphere mild chill.

How to Reach Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad can be reached easily and safely either by roads, railways or via airport. This city has good connectivity with other states and cities that provide all kinds of transiting services. Tourists can land to this city by planes as it consists of the most busiest and commercial airport known as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. This airport provides both international and national flights to its passengers. Even travelers can make their trip more comfortable by traveling through trains. Economic fares along with safe journey are provided to the passengers so that they can plan a vacation. The Western Railway line of Ahmedabad has six operating divisions. Even many other railway platforms can be seen in Ahmedabad city that serve various rail routes to the nearest districts. One can even make their journey accessible through roads.

Where to Stay in Ahmedabad

The major city of Gujarat is Ahmedabad and consists of rich Muslim history. This remarkable city has beautiful restored old city, fine restaurants, old museums and fantabulous night markets. Even numerous hotels and restaurants can be seen in the city that serves exclusive amenities. Also Ahmedabad is a sky scraping stride off point to the rest of the state Gujarat. Some hotels like Hotel Ambassador, The Gateway Hotel and the House of MG all provide dynamic and various kinds of facilities to their guests.

Places to Visit

Tourists planning a trip for Ahmedabad will come across a vast number of entertainment and cultural sites. The tea centre is known calm place that serves exclusive coffee and tea. It is even considered a good point for relaxation. Travelers can even spend some their vacations at Dada Hari Wav, Sarkhej Rosa and Sabarmati Ashram. These all are cultural and architectural sights. Even arrivals can worship their lords at Rani Sipri’s Mosque and Jama Masjid. City Museum is another attraction that can also be enjoyed by the visitors.

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