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Cuisines of Gujarat

Unique Feature: Use of Sugar or Jaggery in All Preparations

Mainly: Vegetarian

Specialty: Farsans, Dhokla, Khandvi

The major observation about food in Gujarat is that it is predominantly vegetarian. This is attributed to many facts like the dominance of Jain population in the state, the orthodox Hindus of the state and the fact that the state is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, who had vowed not to touch meat in his life. Like all other states, Gujarat too, is divided into areas which determine the cuisine of the state. The four main areas that contribute to Gujarati cuisine are North Gujarat, Kathiawad, Kachchh and Surti Gujarat. Most of the Gujarati dishes are a culmination of sweet, salty and hot tastes. A typical Gujarati lunch consists of Roti, Rice, Dhal (curry cooked with some dhal), Khadi (vegetables cooked in buttermilk) and Sabzi (vegetables that are cooked with salt, sweet and spicy gravy).

Restaurants in Gujarat

Gujarat is home to various restaurants that serve authentic Gujarati cuisine which gives immense pleasure to the locals of Gujarat the tourists. Gujarati cuisine is famous all over the country with its dishes tasting salty, sweet and spicy all together.

Some of the reputed options to eat out are: Ahmedabad’s Gordhan Thal, Toran Dining Hall, Bhuj’s Yellow Chilli, Green Rock, Ambaji’s Ambica Bhojnalaya, Baroda’s Sasuma, Mandap, Salsa Habanero, Surat’s Flow, Mainland China, Nanawadi Chicken, Taste of India, Sasuma, Chokhi Dhani, Rajbhog Rajwadi Thali, Rasoi, Rajkot’s Flavours, Lords Banquet Restaurant, Chokhi Dhani, Madhuli Restaurant, Dwarka’s Chappan Bhog Multi Cuisine, Mahesana’s Radhe Restaurant,  Ahmedabad’s Agashiye, Vishalla, Awadh Puri, Seva Cafe, Havmor, Atithi, Sasuji, Souq The Restaurant , Bhavnagar’s Jalsa- The Lounge, Tulsi restaurant, Rasoi, Nilgiri Restaurant and the various food outlets on the street that serve authentic and delicious Muslim food.

These are only few samples of restaurants in the various districts of Gujarat .Other than the above mentioned hotels, there are also various other hotels that have unique characteristics. Along with the traditional Gujarati cuisine, the hotels, restaurants and even street side hotels serve hot and delicious cuisine. People who want to experiment with their food options can try out the different types of cuisine coming from other states as well as other countries. The state of Gujarat is one of the few states in the country that has a huge population of vegetarians. Therefore there are continuous attempts to improvise on these and cook some of the exotic vegetarian dishes.

List of Famous Restaurants in Gujarat

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