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Modhera Dance Festival

The Sun temple is situated at Modhera is considered as a masterpiece of Solanki Empire of the Golden age. This temple hosts an annual dance festival that is known as Modhera Dance festival. This Dance festival flaunts the splendor and glory of the era by various colorful lights. These red, green, yellow lights illuminated every corners and nooks of the Sun temple and create a chiaroscuro effect too. This festival is even identified as Uttarardh Mahotsavor Modhera Utsav. It involves the celebration of music, art, dance and culture. During this event one can experience the traditional dance forms of Gujarat and its districts as well. Modhera Dance festival is a platform that brings together the cultural ethos of all the regions. A fair number of native and residents from nearby villages also take indigenous part in Modhera dance festival occasion.

The TCGL that is Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited organizes this three day Modhera dance festival so that one can celebrate the inherited fortune of performing arts of the country. This Modhera dance festival provides an ideal opportunity for arrivals so that they can experience the living heritage and culture of Indian dances and music as well.


Modhera dance festival is executed at Sun temple of Modhera city. This temple is located on banks of Pushpavati River. During the reign of King Bhimdev I of Patan, this temple was constructed around 1026-27 AD. This magnificent specimen is dedicated to Lord Surya or the Sun God and it is considered as one of the superb artistry of Gujarat’s architect. The position of this temple is in such a manner that the rising sun strikes the images on the sanctuary. In this festival the women and men perform Garba dance that depicts the glorious culture and traditions of Gujarat. The whole atmosphere becomes mesmerizing and glittering. People are dressed well in colorful costumes. Lights, colors, entertainment, music and dance all describes best this festive occasion. Apart from Garba dance performance many other dance forms such as Kuchipudi, Bharat Natyam, Kathak and other classical dance forms are performed. This Sun temple where Modhera dance festival is celebrated has great historical significance too and is preserved by the historians and archaeologists greatly.

Tourists Essential

After the conclusion of Uttrayan festival, Modhera Dance Festival is celebrated on third week of January. At Sun temple this dance act is performed with great pomp and show. At south west of Mehsana district, Modhera village is situated at a distance of 25kms. Many tourists make plan for this city so that they can enjoy great during their vacations and get along with various cultures and traditions of Gujarat. Also several dance and art connoisseurs make plan to take part in this festival. Folk and classical dancers, musicians of different states also visit this city Modhera so that they can exhibit their talent during the festival. Therefore arrivals that want to witness in this splendid event should plan trip during January month. Tourists visiting this region can also spend their time at Sun temple, museum, cafeteria, amusement park and library and picture gallery. Arrivals can also visit the Sun Kund that is located near Sun temple. This kund is surrounded with numerous small temples and even by step terraces too. Therefore one must make a stop at this city Modhera and enjoy at its festival that provides a perfect ambiance of Indian cultures and traditions.

How to Reach

In Mehsana district of Gujarat a dance festival is celebrated known as Modhera Dance Festival. Of every year in January month and at third week, this festival is enjoyed for three days. In Modhera a Sun temple is situated where this festival is held after the Uttrayan festival. This city is situated 102kms far and at north of Ahmedabad. Tourists making plan for this city can easily visit either by planes or by trains. The nearest airport is located at Ahmedabad whereas the closest railway head is situated in Mehsana district. This Mehsana district is 30kms far and is well connected with Modhera city with various roads. Numerous state buses and direct buses are available that take around few hours to reach at destination. One can even hire cabs, jeep or private taxis and can make their trip more comfortable at economic rates.

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