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Tarnetar Fair

Of Gujarat state and in Surendranagar district a village is located known as Tarnetar. This village is also situated close to Thangadh city and it celebrates a fair known as Tarnetar fair. This is an annual fair that is celebrated at temple of Trinetreshwar Mahadev. Also this fair is identified as Trinetreshwar Mahadev fair and is enjoyed majorly by the people of Gujarat. Many villagers from nearby regions get attracted by this fair. Approximately lakhs of people visit this village in order to participate and enjoy at the fair.


In the month of August and September or in the first week of Bhadrapad this Tarnetar fair is organized. During this fair the whole Surendranagar is decorated and transformed into a reel of excitement and color. This colorful event of Gujarat state is carried out with color, ebullience, rituals and prayers. Folk dances and folk music such as Raas, Hudo and Garba all are played and enjoyed by the Maldhari and Kodi traditional dancers. Numerous bhajan mandalis and sadhus are accompanied with their instruments and even are engrossed in signing and dancing. This Tarnetar fair has also a belief that the people will get the perfect life partners for own selves. The colorful costumes, glittering ornaments and even the free spirited dance movements all can be enjoyed by the arrivals during this fair. This fair is also centered at the Gujarat’s ethnic folk dance, costumes, art and music. It is even based on the legend of Draupadi’s Swayamvara. Many visitors not only from India but from abroad make plan for Gujarat and also make sure to participate in the Tarnetar fair.

Tourists Essential

An exciting and unique fair of Gujarat state is Tarnetar fair. This fair is Saurashtra region coincides with the event at Trineteshwar temple. The festival celebrated at this temple is the wedding event of Mahabharat legendary hero, Arujuna and Draupadi. Tarnetar fair is more of like a wedding fair or marriage market. In this fair many traditional costumes, lively folk dances and exquisite jewelry are displayed. Tourists visiting this fair can spend marvelous moments. They can dress themselves in most traditional tribal costumes and can perform dances as well. The folk dances such as ras, garba and haro all are enjoyed extremely by the arrivals. Pilgrims can plan a three day trip for this region Saurashtra as this Tarnetar fair is celebrated for three days at the day of Shukla Paksha. In month of August and September basically Tarnetar fair is organized by tribals. One can also worship their deity at Trinetreshwar Shiva temple when visiting this village. It is an ancient temple built in traditional style with impressive marble temple. It is situated on banks of Rivulet and has a reservoir or Kund where devotees make sure to take holy bath.

Things to Do

Tarnetar is a three day fair that is held at Shiva temple. In this colorful fair the village folks are dressed in typical embroidered garments. They enjoy this fair by dancing and singing. Also the folk dancers are so perfect that they dance to the tune of drumbeats. Tarnetar fair is a religious fair that raises the spirit of dutiful in Gujarat. During this fair numerous stalls are put up that that includes the selling of local and traditional beautiful handicrafts along with ethnic jewelry, traditional mirror work and statues of deities. Tourists visiting this village can do lot of buying and can even spend great time by dancing and singing bhajaans.

How to Reach

Tarnetar Fair is one of the most famous fairs held in Indian state of Gujarat. This fair is organized at Saurashtra region of Gujarat state and is celebrated with all religious customs and traditions. Numbers of tourists visit this village in order to enjoy and worship their deities too at Trinetreshwar Mahadev temple. One can easily visit this village as it is connected with the nearest airport at Rajkot city. This airport is situated 90kms far whereas the nearest international airport is located 200kms away at Ahmedabad city. Pilgrims can even take facility of local or state buses that run all day and provide economic transportations. One can even hire cabs or taxis and can make their trip more accessible.

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