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Shamlaji Fair

Shamlaji Fair is held in month of November and is well known for Vaishnav shrine. Also at this place many deity housed such as Gadadhar and Sakshi Gopal. A famous and old temple of Shamlaji has great archaeological significance. Thousands of devotees gather during Shamlaji fair in month of November. They come on foot or take camel rides and enjoy the fair by dancing and singing. This village Shamlaji is well connected with roads and railways routes. On full moon day in Kartik month the Shamlaji fair is celebrated with great glory. Tourists visiting Gujarat state can make plan for Shamlaji village. At this village they can experience the spiritual aura of Hindu culture and traditions. People from various cities visit this Shamlaji fair in order to participate in religious rituals. Many people make plan for this village more so that a business of trading can be done. They buy metal ware, cloth and garments and silver ornaments along with several household items.


Shamlaji fair is a significant fair and is faithfully dedicated to Lord Shamlaji. Also it has immense historical background. Shamlaji fair is observed in month of November and specifically at last three weeks of month. This important fair for tribal people is celebrated both religiously and enjoy fully. They consider that on this day of Shamlaji fair the devotees must worship the deity in Shamlaji temple. Even they prefer to take holy bath in the Kund that is also situated near Shamlaji temple. A fair number of stalls are put up by them that include several religious things, silver ornaments, metal wares and household items. Arrivals visiting this village can buy various essential belongings for their home or for themselves.

Tourists Essential

Tourists can plan a trip for Gujarat and can experience the most active fair of Shamlaji. This two week fair is celebrated by the tribal people. They put different stalls of local handicrafts, artifacts and art. Shamlaji fair is eminent for the temple of Shamlaji and Vaishnav shrine. Tourists visiting this fair can even trace the ancient architecture of the temple that belongs to 11th century. Many arrivals come from various parts of India in order to visit this holy destination of culture and religion. Apart from fair, arrivals can even take auspicious bath in Meshwo River that is regarded as an essential purgation for tourists. Not only one can enjoy at the fair but arrivals can spend their time at some of the nearby destinations such as Ahmedabad. This Sabarkantha district lies close to Ahmedabad city and has good connectivity with roads and railways. Archeological lovers can spend marvelous moments by exploring the ancient temple of Shamlaji. Even the beautiful crafted shrine of Shamlaji is believed that it is 500year old. Arrivals will also be served with the complete story about the temple and its buildings that include the teachings and episodes of Mahabharata. All these are engraved on the outer walls of the temple.

Things to Do

In month of November of every year, this Shamlaji Fair is celebrated and it lasts for about two weeks. Another name for this fair is Kartik Purnima Fair. Devotees of several castes and creeds participate in this throng festival. Even Bhils and Garasias sing devotional songs and carry devotional banners. The pilgrims come in groups and take bath in Meshwo River. The Bhils tribal people have great reverence for Shamlaji therefore they celebrate it with high respect and glory. Shamlaji temple is also situated in the village where this fair is organized and pilgrims take bath in kund of Nagdhara.

How to Reach

In Gujarat, Shamlaji fair is celebrated with great joy. In Sabarkantha district that lies near border of Rajasthan and Gujarat, Shamlaji village is situated. In this Shamlaji village this fair is celebrated with great pomp and show. One can easily visit this place as it is connected with National highway 8. Tourists can make their trip more accessible by traveling through state buses or local and regular buses. Also Ahmedabad lays 122kms far whereas Himmatnagar is also situated near to this village at a distance of 32kms. Arrivals can even visit at the nearest railway head and from there can hire cabs, taxis or jeeps that provide economic transportations.

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