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Lili Parikrama Fair

Lili Parikrama Fair is organized by sadhus, local people and forest department officials. This fair is celebrated at Mount Girnar in Junagadh district of Gujarat state. A fair number of devotees visit this place in order to attend the fair. Many pilgrimages cover it on their foot by walking 6 miles. It takes approximately four days to complete the procession. Devotees on their arrival to Girnar make sure to worship their deities in other temples too. Seven peaks are there of Girnar from that five are significant. These are such as Augadh, Kalika, Gorakhnath, Ambamata and Dattatreya. Tourists even visit at Bhavnath Shiv temple, Sorath Mahal, Shiv Kund, Bhim Kund and Bhartruchari cave. During their Parikrama of Girnar Mountain all these places are also visited by the arrivals.

During Hindu month of Kartik, lakhs of people attend this fair. In this fair few activities are involved such as bhajan madalis, raas, duhas and dramas. The Girnar Mountain looks gorgeous after rainfall as because the nearby ponds and rivers are full of water and add beauty to the hills and forests.


Lili Parikrama is the most cheerful and vibrant fair that is carried out during the month of Kartik. Thousands of devotees visit Girnar Mountain and also Bhavnath temple where this fair is conducted. They take Parikrama by foot and track the distance day and night. The pathways of entire Girnar hill are lightened up so that the devotees can walk smoothly. During their Parikrama they enjoy the bhajaans, raas mandals and other folk musics. Their journey ends on full moon night at the Bhavnath temple where this Lili Parikrama fair is celebrated and enjoyed by both the people and devotees.

Tourists Essential

Gujarat is a land of fairs and festivals where people celebrate numerous occasions. There is an old temple of Lord Shiva known as Bhavnath temple. This Lili Parikrama fair is celebrated at Bhavnath temple for about five days and it ends on full moon day of Kartik month. The best time to visit this festival aling with at Junagadh district is October to November months. Devotees from all around the globe come to worship and enjoy the attractions of the fair. The main feature of this fair is that it starts from Bhavnath temple and ends their only. Travelers can even travel at Porbandar that is situated on west coast and is about 112kms far located from Girnar Mountain. Even one can go at Veraval region that is too 110kms away. This city contains a famous old temple known as Somnath. Visitors can exceed further and can enjoy the amazing sightseeing views at Diu and locate the Portuguese colony too. Not only the devotees even a family outing can also be planned. Children will also love this place when they will be given an opportunity to explore the wildlife sanctuary. Many Jains are also seen visiting this fair Lili Parikrama. The basically identify this fair as Mount Neminath.

Things to Do

The word Lili Parikrama is a Gujarati term and it means green Pradakshina. Also this fair has its own traditional belief and usually occurs during October and November months. Also as per the Hindu calendar this fair falls in Kartik month and people residing around Mount Girnar celebrates it with great glory. This fair basically starts from Bhavnath temple that is carried and ends at their only. Tourists pr devotees visiting this fair will even come across many other nearby destinations such as Gir national park, Somnath temple and Portuguese colony of Diu.

How to Reach

In Indian state of Gujarat and in Junagadh district a fair is celebrated annually known as Lili Parikrama. This fair is more of religious fair and it has a belief that as per Shiv Puran that all 33crore Gods settled down at in Girnar Mountain. Therefore many people visit this place in order to offer their praying to all the gods. One can visit at Junagadh district as many roads are connected with various other cities and districts of Gujarat. Even tourists can travel through train and stop at Junagadh railway station. Even various local and state buses run from various cities and provide transportation facility.

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