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Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple

Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple is a famous Hindu temple that houses the idol of Lord Krishna or Ranchhordrai. Ranchhordrai is one other name which is given to Lord Krishna. Adorned exquisitely with wooden carvings and plated with silver and gold, this temple is must visit by the tourists. The temple presently has revolutionized itself as one of the main pilgrimage center for different religious activities. The small shrine of Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple is now a large temple complex that has changed a lot. Presently this temple has large square sitting and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. This temple has 8 domes while is considered to be the tallest temple in this district.

The main hall of the temple has assortment of paintings which speak of the incidents based on life of Lord Krishna. The idol placed in the temple is very attractive as it is made of black touchstone and is lavishly decorated with silver and gold ornaments together with colorful clothes. It is said that this idol of Lord Krishna was gifted by Gaekwad from Baroda. This temple was constructed in the year 1772 AD by Gopal Jagannath Ambekar.

Significance of the Temple

During the Mahabharata, the encircling area of Dakor included a jungle which was very dense. Rich with lakes and streams, this jungle was very pleasant. It became a point of attraction for sages who desired establishing this place for penance. It is believed that Lord Krishna left the battlefield and this inspired Gopal Jagannath Ambekar to construct a temple here since he dreamt of this. He was a shroff in Peshawa court in Poona.

The temple has special mention in the legendary epic Mahabharata.

Architecture of Temple

The Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple is encircled by a fort wall while is based near the River Gomati’s banks. It is in the mid of Dakor bazaar. The temple has 8 domes and 24 turrets together with a central dome which reaches the height of 27m. Adorned with golden kalash and a white silk flag, this Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple is one of the tallest temples in district. Though this temple is not very rich in carving, the major cupola of this temple derives its influence from ancient Maharashtrian style of Temple.

The temple was built in 1772 AD which houses an idol of Lord Krishna. The throne of Lord Krishna is an exceptional master piece which is made of woodcarving that is plated in gold and silver. On the uppermost floor of the temple’s gate, there is a music room where music is played 3 hours regularly.

Time to Visit

The most ideal time to visit Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple is during the winter season i.e during the months from November to February. The weather during these months is pleasant and cool where as summer season must be avoided as the climate is unbearable.

Nearby Places

Gomati Lake

Gomati Lake which is near to this Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple is one of the famous tourists attractions that attracts the tourists to come and visit it, stroll along the banks of this river while gain peace of mind. The area of lake is spread on 230 hectares, while has many accommodation facilities nearby. The lake has 4 prominent mounds which are called Dankanth Mahadev, Bhattji Maharaj, Kaleshwar Mahadev and Makhani Aro.

Shri Mahalaxmi Temple

Located near the Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple, this temple is a century old while lies close to the River Vetrak. Located in the sanctum sanctorum, this temple houses an exquisite idol of Lord Mahalaxmi, which is made of pure white marble.

Bilorda Hari Om Ashram

There is a pleasant ashram located near Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple which is always brimming with serenity. Ringed by tall exquisite trees which are set up in this ashram, the small rooms present in this temple offer peace to the people who are looking for peace while rest in silence.

Swami Narayan Temple Vadtal

A famous temple near Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple, Swami Narayan Temple is based at a small hamlet which is called Vadtal. Devotees from different corners of the country visit this temple offering their prayers and puja.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – The nearby airport located is in Vadodra which is 78 kms while the other international airport is at Ahmadabad which is 90 kms northwest. It is not that far and has many international flights that operate on regular basis.
  • Through Road – Dakor is easily accessible by road. There are umpteen number of private and state transport buses that run from Anand, Vadodra and Ahmadabad.
  • Through Rail – Nanaid and Anand are the nearby railway stations. It also has a slow train branch line around 7 kms away.

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Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple
Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple
Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple
Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple
Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple
Ranchhordrai Dakor Temple

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