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Gomati Ghat Temples

Gomati Ghat in Gujarat has numerous temples that are devoted to Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Shiva, and Sudama, who was Lord Krishna’s best friend. The temples around this ghat present an impeccable view and picturesque of the River Gomati which has been worshipped by people since the last 100 years. To get glimpse of Dwarka, one can hire a boat and sail across the river.

The Gomati Ghat Temples are located just at the entrance of the Dwarkadeesh temples. It is this place where River Gomati meets the vast sea. There are many small temples which have shrines also. River Gomati meets the Arabian Sea here in deep orange light.

Significance of the Temple

The temples of Gomati Ghat have no particular history associated with them. However it is said that these temples were constructed by the grandson of Lord Krishna nearly 2500 years ago. Visitors have been visiting the temples here since the last 100 years.

The temples here have gained impeccable attention due to the fact that the steps to these temples get washed by the water of River Gomati. Near to the temples of Gomati Ghat, there is a place that has five wells which is believed to be constructed by Pandavas. It is said that one who takes bath at this river can purify himself from all the wrong deeds and worldly evils.

Gomati Ghat Temples are considered auspicious as they are one of the shortest ways to reach nirvana. The Samudra Narayan Temple is one large structure which houses the idol of Goddess Gomati. It is said that this idol was brought by sage Vasistha from heaven.

Architecture of Temple

The Gomati Ghat temples have idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Ram, and Lord Krishna together with his friend Sudama. The temples are built beautifully with exquisitely carved walls and ceilings and roof. The idols of the God and goddesses placed here represent their presence. The temples have steps that steep down to the River Gomati, where people can take bath and purify themselves.

Time to Visit

To visit the temples of Gomati Ghat, one need not wait for any particular season or month. One can visit these temples all throughout the year, while people generally prefer the months of November, December, January, February, and March.

Nearby Places

Dwarka Shore Temple

One amid the 7 most ancient cities in India, Dwarka is an abode to Lord Krishna which is located just at a distance of 145 kms from the west of Jamnagar city. The Dwarka Shore Temple is one of the 4 pilgrimage places of the Hindu Devotees which is an exceptional shore temple together with assorted other temples at this coastal town. \


Dwarka, which is also called Dvarka is a small city together with a municipality of district Jamnagar in Gujarat India. This place is one amongst the seven old cities in India. Relatively flat area at the sea level, this place has an average elevation of zero meters.

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

Situated on the route amid the Beyt Dwarka Island and Dwarka on the coast of Saurashtra, this is a very prominent temple of Lord Shiva. The temple of Lord Shiva is enshrined by a jyotirlingas which are located in an underground sanctum. It has a long statue of Lord Shiva while has a main garden which also has a pond.

Shrine of Meerabai

Another tourist attraction which attracts the tourists to Gomati Ghat temples is Shrine of Meerabai, which is near to the Dwarkadeesh temple. This shrine is devoted to Meerabai, who was a true devotee of Lord Krishna. Meerabai was a religious singer who devoted her entire life in singing and praying for Lord Krishna. This shrine reflects the intensity of her love for the Lord Krishna.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – Around 137 kms away, there is an airport in Jamnagar which is considered to be the nearest airport to the Gomati ghat Temples.
  • Through Road – Direct buses can be taken from Ahmadabad and Jamnagar for Dwarka which lies on the state highway.
  • Through Railways – Dwarka Railway Station is the nearby railway station which has different trains that connect Jamnagar to Dwarka.

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Gomati Ghat Temples
Gomati Ghat Temples
Gomati Ghat Temples
Gomati Ghat Temples
Gomati Ghat Temples
Gomati Ghat Temples

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