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Shrine Of Meerabai

Shrine of Meerabai, located close to famous Lord Krishna’s Temple Dwarkadeesh, is a well known shrine that is constructed in the memory of Meerabai, who dedicated her life to Lord Krishna. As per the legends, when Meerabai renounced her married life just for the love of Lord Krishna, she started with her pilgrimage to Dwarka. Soon after reaching Dwarka, Meerabai reached Dwarkadeesh Temple. She had so immense love for Lord Krishna that her body dissolved while also merged along the idol of Lord Krishna.

Significance of the Temple

The shrine of Meerabai is situated in a town which is around 150 kms away from Dwarkadeesh Temple. A small shrine, which is located within a residential area, carries a classic painting of Meerabai together with an idol of Lord Krishna. Apart from her association with Lord Krishna, there is presence of Narsingh Mehta, Nanak, Adi Shankarcharya, Ramunuja, Kabir, Surdas, etc who were also acknowledged as devotees of Lord Krishna. The significance of Dwarka is attributed to the unconditional and sacred love of Meerabai.

Legends even say that Meerabai infused the Dwarkadeesh temple with a strong intensity of her true devotion unless she dissolved and merged along with the idol of Lord Krishna. It is said that this shrine is charged with her unique light and energy of wisdom. This Shrine is dedicated to Meerabai, who was a religious Hindu singer while also a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna.

Architecture of Temple

Shrine of Meerabai is constructed in an archetypal Rajput style. The temple structure lies on a peak plinth which is generally of North Indian architectural style. The dome of this shrine is embellished with a huge structure of five human bodies that have one head. These human figures are a testimony to the four castes of Hindu religion. This single head reflects faith in God which is equally realized by all devotees. Besides all this, the main sanctum raises the conical ceiling of the shrine.

The sanctum of this shrine has paintings of Lord Krishna while there are some paintings of Meerabai also showing her offerings to the Lord Krishna. These meerabai paintings are placed inside the inner sanctum. Four pavilions can be seen which extend the inner sanctum to colonnade. There is a small chatri which is found in this shrine’s forecourt that is dedicated to Swami Ravidas, mentor of Meerabai. The floor beneath the shrine has footmarks of this saint who belonged to the Harijan caste.

Time to Visit

The temple or the Shrine of Meerabai can be visited during any time of the year.  

Nearby Places

Bhalka Tirth

This is a spot where someone mistook Lord Krishna for deer while struck him by an arrow as Lord Krishna was sleeping in deerskin. As per sources, Lord Krishna was cremated here at Triveni Ghat. The Majestic monument still stands here as a recent replication of ancient construction. The original temple was built by God of Moon and was made of gold.

Rukmini Devi Temple

The Rukmini Devi temple is built outside the premises of the temple owing to a curse which keeps her away from her husband Lord Krishna. The temple has decorated walls together with paintings that reflect her pastimes with her husband Lord Krishna. The temple dates back to the 12th century.

Gomati Ghat Temples

Gomati Ghats is acknowledged as a place where people come and bath to get liberation from the worldly attractions. One can see this river, from the back entrance of the Dwarkadeesh Temple. The temple at Gomti Ghat is located nearly at the spot where this river meets the ocean.

Other Pilgrimage Places

There are many other pilgrimage attractions which one can find near the Shrine of Meerabai. Like for instance, it has Nageshwar Mahadev Temple which has one of the 12 Siva Jyotirlingas based in an underground sanctum. This temple is located 10 kms away from Dwarka. This place also has Gopi-tallava which is a pond. This is a place where Lord Krishna met gopis when these gopis came to visit Lord Krishna at Dwarka.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – The nearest airport is Jamnagar which is 137 kilometer away from this temple.
  • Through Road – Dwarka touches the state highway from Jamnagar. One can board the direct bus from Ahmadabad and Jamnagar.
  • Through Railways – The nearby railway station located near this temple is Dwarka.

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Shrine Of Meerabai
Shrine Of Meerabai
Shrine Of Meerabai
Shrine Of Meerabai
Shrine Of Meerabai
Shrine Of Meerabai

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