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Takhteshwar Temples

Takhteshwar Temple is a well known temple, located on the hillock, in the heart of the city, Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Constructed in the year 1893, this temple is named after the patron of Lord Shiva, Takhtsinhji. By sitting on the picturesque marble courtyard of this temple, an individual can see a panoramic view of the whole city together with the surrounding place.

It is said that this temple is one of the most popular ones in Gujarat that is observed as a tribute to Lord Shiva. Named after Maharaja Takhatshinji, this temple has an influence of rulers of Bhavnagar. Takhteshwar Temple provides an awesome aerial view of Bhavnagar together with the neighboring cities. The most remarkable aspect of this temple is its construction. The entire compound of this temple is made from white marble. Owing to its picturesque surroundings, this temple serves to be one of the greatest reveling spot.

Significance of the Temple

Constructed in 1893, Takhteshwar Temple is a prime temple that acts as a tribute to Lord Shiva. As per history, the rulers of Bhavnagar built this temple and named it after the patron, Maharaja Takhatshinji. It is observed that prior to the construction of this temple, the hillock served as one of panoramic view spot for the people that entered or left the Gulf of Cambay.

It is noteworthy that this temple gained immense significance due to this hillock. There are thousands of people who visit this hilly place to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva.

Architecture of Temple

The compound of this temple is constructed of white marble and this is what speaks of the architectural beauty of this temple. Representing the particular late 19th century art style, this temple is unique in its construction. Built in the memory of Maharaja Takhtshinji, this temple is based on an elevated land, from where tourists can view and take pleasure of the magnificent beauty of Bhavnagar together with Gulf of Khambat.

Time to Visit

The city Bhavnagar experiences somewhat arid climate which is similar to other parts of the region. Summer season in Bhavnagar is featured by dry and hot climate while the winters are very old and dry. It is only the monsoon season, which brings along with it excellent rainfall which soaks the whole city. The months of October, November, December, and January are best and ideal to visit the city of Bhavnagar and this temple. The temperature during these months is around 12 degree Celsius.

Nearby Places

Bhav Vilas Palace

Bhav Vilas Palace is a popular palace which faces the well known Gaurishankar Lake that represents the club house which belonged to the royal family. This palace has a gate which is carved from iron which was casted in Dublin. This palace was known to be actively involved in assorted official events when this palace was one of the princely states of Bhavnagar. Presently, it serves as official residence of Maharaj kumar Shivbhadrasinjhi and his entire family. The picturesque of this lake leaves the tourists with an everlasting impression.


Darbargadh is one another primary attractive structure which is located in Bhavnagar. This place is visited by tourists every year. Darbargadh was initially the official residence of Bhanvagar rulers.

Gandhi Smriti

Gandhi Smriti is a popular historical memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi that consists of assorted pictorial collections of well known great Indian freedom fighters. This memorial is built next to the clock tower which is at the crescent circle in Bhavnagar city. Constructed in 1955 AD, this place attracts many tourists every year.

Nilambag Palace

Nilambag Palace is a royal palace which dates back to the rulers of Bhavnagar. Constructed in 18th century, this palace has exquisite lawns and spacious gardens that leave the visitors awestruck. The palace has numerous pillars, stepped arches and a splendid courtyard that welcomes the tourists that visit this place. This palace is now a prominent heritage hotel.

How To Reach The Temple

  • Through Air – There are numerous domestic flights that connect the city Bhavnagar with Ahmadabad and Mumbai.  
  • Through Road – There are numerous private and state transport buses which easily connect Bhavnagar to other prominent cities of Gujarat. Bhavnagar is nearly 200 kms away from Ahmadabad while is 791 kms from Mumbai en route state highway.
  • Through Railways – Bhavnagar is on Western Railway Line which is 777 kms from Mumbai en route Ahmadabad.

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Takhteshwar Temples
Takhteshwar Temples
Takhteshwar Temples
Takhteshwar Temples
Takhteshwar Temples
Takhteshwar Temples

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