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Adinath Temple

Just like other temples in Gujarat, Adinath Temple, in Jamnagar is a special place of attraction amongst the tourists. With a slender tower on the shrine, this Adinath Temple honors the 1st Jain Guru of Thirthankara – Lord Rishabdev. It is said that he attained enlightenment at this spot. It is said that Lord Rishabdev possessed a sign of an OX on one of his thighs and this is because his mother Marudev saw 14 dreams of which during her first dreams, she saw an Ox. As per legends, Lord Rishabdev was the first to start the religion of Jainism and it is owing to this that he is called Adinath and the place where he attained enlightenment is called Adinath Temple.

Significance of the Temple

Considered as a significant temple in Jamnagar, this Adinath Temple is a prominent temple which has impeccable historical significance amid the Jain sect. This temple is built in the memory of Lord Rishabdev, the first tirthankara of the Jain sect. the main motive of constructing this temple is that the Jain sect wanted to spread a word about their religion in the rest of the world.

Lord Rishabdev was the son of Marudeva. At the times, when she carried Lord Rishabdev in her womb, she saw 14 dreams. Of these 14 dreams, she saw an Ox in her very first dream. It is owing to this that there is a sign of Ox on one of the thighs of Lord Rishabdev. Lord Rishabdev spread the word about Jain religion and for this he sat at a spot and attainted enlightenment. Since Lord Rishabdev was also referred as Adinath, this place came to be known as Adinath. Presently, this place has a temple, which is built in his memory.

Architecture of Temple

The structure of Adinath Temple depicts tableaux which reflect the life stories of different Tirthankaras. The colors which are used in these forms of art are blue, orange, and pink, green and yellow that is generally indistinct and blurred. The murals even reflect assorted flowers, domestic objects, Gods, people that illustrate the stories of Jain religion.

The spectacular designs together with the murals on the roof, walls and pillars of this temple leave the visitors spell bound. The floor of the temple is constructed of marble and is decorated with certain Jain pattern and design in black, white, red, and yellow colors. The Adinath Temple has a large dome. The external part of this large dome is decorated with mosaics of gold together with other colors. This temple even has a cupola that is embellished with assorted sizes and shapes of mirrors. These can be found right above temple’s entrance portico and this is what adds to the spectacular and grandeur look of the temple.

Time to Visit

The best time to visit Adinath Temple is during the winter season i.e amid the months of November and March.

Nearby Places

Bohra Hajira Fort

Bohra Hajira is a significant tourist attraction in Jamnagar which is must visit for the individuals visiting the Adinath Temple. It is an impressive historical monument that greets the visitors the very moment when they step in this city. Visit to this fort adds pleasure to the trip.

Lakhota Palace

Constructed by the Nawnagar ruler, the Lakhota Palace is considered to be a very prominent historical monument that defines the picturesque lakes of Gujarat. Located on the banks of Lake Ranmal, this is a major tourist attraction. The palace is also acknowledged as a museum, while has artifacts that date back to the 8th century.

Rozi and Bedi Ports

The rozi and Bedi ports in Jamnagar are much popular amid the tourists as it has many scenic spots. The place is a well known trading hub in the Arabian Sea. This port is perfect for arranging picnics while also acts as a spot that facilitates fishing facilities.

Bazaars in Jamnagar

The Jamnagar district in Gujarat has famous bazaars which are popular for bandhini work. The bandhini work reflects graceful decorations on different kinds of clothes. Apart from bandhini work, one can buy bangles made from brass, paper weights, beetle nut crackers, surma, kumkum etc.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – the nearby airport is located in Bhavnagar which is 56 kms away.
  • Through Road – Bhavnagr is nearly 56 km away while Ahmadabad is nearly 215 kms away. There are state and private buses that run to Palitana from different cities of Mumbai and Gujarat.
  • Through Railways – Palitana is on railway line which has trains that connects it to Bhavnagar, other cities of Ahmadabad and some major points.

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Adinath Temple
Adinath Temple
Adinath Temple
Adinath Temple
Adinath Temple
Adinath Temple

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