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Palitana Temple

The Palitana Temples are located near 51 km in the south west of Bhavnagar which is well known for many other Jain temples also. There are approximately 863 temples starting from the peak to the base of the Shatrunjaya hills. One needs to climb 3950 steps to reach this temple.

The construction of this temple spans over a period of 900 years while was constructed in 2 phases. From the 11th century to 12th century AD, the temple had its first phase of construction, while the second phase of this temple was constructed in 16th century. The temples are built of white marble that attracts thousands of Jain pilgrims who come and visit this temple.

Significance of the Temple

Palitana is recognized as a princely state which is considered to have merged with India following the Independence in 1947. Palitana has many temples which were built in 11th century; however they were all destroyed by the Turkish Muslim invaders in the 1311 AD era. It was during these times that saint Jinaprabhasuri presided over the temples. After two years, the temples were again re-constructed and it was two centuries later that the construction of these temples picked up momentum. Many wealthy patrons contributed to the construction of the temple.

Presently these temples are kept in mint condition through the large conditions which are contributed by the rich Jain community. No one person can be attributed to the construction of these temples, rather it is considered a combined effort by the wealthy Jain people.

Architecture of Temple

The Palitana Temple is considered to be one of the most sacred pilgrimage places by Jain communists. There are many temples at Palitana which are arranged in series or groups with certain variation in space and height. The building of this temple is made from marble and is considered to be carved from stone. The temples here are grouped in nine wings and each of the wings has a central shrine or the temple has minor shrines around it. These temples have creative preoccupations that hold discourses.

The temple has significant marble halls that have towers and columns together with ample openings. The temple is surrounded by fortified walls. The marble floor of the temples has tessellated enclosures, while the interior of the temples is intricately carved with ceilings that have geometrical lace designs which are clustered to form a canopy.

Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Palitana temples in Gujarat is during the months between Octobers to March. Weather is pleasant and one can enjoy visiting the temples here.

Nearby Places

Jain Temples

One of the oldest Jain temples which are present on Shatrunjay Teerth hill is the Digamber Jain Temple which has nine shrines within its site. These temples have idol of Lord Shantinath, which is installed in the main interior shrine of the temple.

Shatrunjay Hill

The Shatrunjya Hills have the most sacred temples of Jain community. One needs to climb 4 kms to reach these temples. The Shatrunjya temple is located at the height of 591 m. There are services provided for people that suffer from physical challenges.

Jain Shrine

The Lord Adishvar Jain Teerth Temple is situated around 6 km away from the main city. It is located on Shatrunjaya Mountain. This temple is decorated with numerous accessories and is devoted to the Jain community that is present in Palitana. The temple has impeccable marble work which is done on the roof of the temple.

Kumar Pal Temple

Well acknowledged for its architectural uniqueness, this temple is a significant one for the Jain community. It has immense religious importance, while the rules are followed as per Hindu tradition. The devotees must not carry any leather commodity within the temple premises.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – Ahmadabad is the nearest international airport that has many flights connecting Palitana to different major destinations of India and abroad. There are regular domestic flights which connect Bhavnagar to Ahmadabad and Mumbai.
  • Through Road – There are numerous transport buses together with luxury coaches that provide an easy connectivity to Bhavnagar, Palitana. Situated 791kms away from Mumbai en route Ahmadabad, there are various state buses that operate on regular basis.
  • Through Railways –Reaching Bhavnagar by train is one of the best options as Vadodra Railway Station is very near to Bahvnagar. It is 777kms away from Mumbai en route Ahmadabad.

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Palitana Temple
Palitana Temple
Palitana Temple
Palitana Temple
Palitana Temple
Palitana Temple

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