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Chaumukh Temple

Located in Palitana of Gujarat, Chaumukh Temple was constructed in 1618. It is a shrine which has four faces, together with four images of Lord Adinath which face the four cardinal directions. Palitana lies at the distance of 51 kms which is to the southernmost part of Bhavnagar. Palitana is actually a pilgrimage place that is well known for different Jain temples and shrines of which Chaumukh Temple is well known.

Amongst the different shrines and holy places at Palitana, Chaumukh Temple has a very special mention. Since Bhavnagar is conveniently linked to different other parts of Gujarat together with the rest of the nation, reaching this temple is an easy job for the tourists and pilgrims.

Significance of the Temple

As per the history of the temple, it is said that the construction of the temple dates back to the 17th century. Constructed in 1618, this temple has prominent significance for the Jain devotees. This temple is well known temple dedicated to one of the thirthankaras of the Jain religion. It is a highest shrine which can be seen from 40 kms of distance.

Architecture of Temple

This exquisite temple houses a quadruple image of lord Adinath who seems to look in four cardinal directions. The temple possesses fine collection of jewels that can be seen only with prior permission of the associated authorities. This temple is constructed on a platform which is plain. The immaculate architecture of this shrine is attractive for the visitors. It has assorted square structures which are shaped like a dome at the top. These square structures are greatly symbolical while the inner part of these square structures symbolizes the 5 holly hills of Jain religion. The tourists shall certainly feel a sense of tranquility together will bless on reaching this temple.

Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit this Chaumukh Temple is during the winter season when the weather is pleasant and fine. It is worth visiting the temple during the months of November, December, January, and February.

Nearby Places

Angar Pir Shrine

The Angar Pir Shrine is a well known shrine which is famous amongst the Muslim devotees. It is counted as a special tourist destination which is must visit. The shrine dates back to the Mughal era which is respected by all the Muslim as well as non-Muslim natives of Palitana. It is strongly believed by the people that this shrine grants the wishes of the visitors.

Kumar Pal Temple

There is an interesting story behind the Kumar Pal Temple that is located in Palitana which says that the Pundarika, one of the main disciples of Adinatha, attained nirvana here. The temple provides an excellent place to feel a divine bliss together with genuine peace of mind. Kumar Pal Temple holds a very prominent place for the Jain community.

Vimal Shah Temple

Vimal Shah Temple is a prominent temple amongst the Hindu devotees that enjoys stunning and favorable location on the hills which teems a multitude of architecturally refined and superior temples. One shall be enthralled by the architecture of the temple as it has ornate carvings that transcends in each aspect. The temple is dedicated to the man of repute named Vimal Shah.

Sampriti Raj Temple

Palitana Sampriti Raj Temple is devoted towards Sampriti Raj. This temple is nestled on an adorable and exquisite location of hillock. This temple is very elegant which boasts of intricate carvings and extensive piece of work. By visiting this temple one can attain spiritual peace.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – Located approximately 56 kms from Palitana, there is an airport in Bhavnagar.
  • Through Road – There are state and private buses which operate on regular basis from Bhavnagar and Ahmadabad. The buses connect Palitana to different cities of Gujarat and Ahmadabad.
  • Through Railways –There are many trains which connect Palitana to different cities of Gujarat.

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Chaumukh Temple
Chaumukh Temple
Chaumukh Temple
Chaumukh Temple
Chaumukh Temple
Chaumukh Temple

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