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Gopnath Mahadev Temple

Gopnath Mahadev Temple is a famous temple that is located on the sea shore of the seaside at the Gulf of Khambat. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located at the place where a dedicated poet, Narsinh Mehta spent his time and gained spiritual experience nearly 500 years ago. The temple is an ideal spot for individual who seeks spiritual and natural peace and tranquility. The coastal region is loaded with many small islands that offer a serene delight for the tourist.

This temple lies in Gopnath in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Facing the vast sea, the temple is approximately 75kms away from Bhavnagar while is close to the Gopnath lighthouse.

Significance of the Temple

Nearly 700 years old, the Gopnath Mahadev Temple is an alone temple which hoists two black flags, where the first flag which is of white color banderole indicating the aristocrat Vishnu Temple while the saffron black banderole symbolizes the temple of God Mahadev. It is said that a famous poet Narsinh Mehta is considered to have accomplished his enlightenment at the same temple.

Surrounded by different economical budget hotels, this temple has a prominent significance.

Architecture of Temple

Gopnath Mahadev Temple is exquisite in its architecture as it is surrounded by natural picturesque which leaves the tourists awestruck. The temple is nearly 3500 feet in height while is 2000 feet long. The temple has two flags which it hoists round the clock. One can seek spiritual and natural peace by visiting the temple. The temple houses an idol of Lord Shiva while has beautifully carved pillars, dome, ceilings and floor. The temple is well known for its natural beauty, and classic art style which depict the ancient Gothic architecture.

Time to Visit

October, November, December, January, and Feburary are considered to be the ideal months to visit this temple. Located on the coastal sea shore, this temple though can be visited all round the year, yet people prefer visiting this temple during the months of winter season, when the climate is pleasant and worth visiting. It is better to avoid visiting the temple during the summer season as the climate is hot, scorching, and humid.

Nearby Places

Brahm Kund

Located 22 kms away from Bhavnagar, there is a town which was earlier called Gohilwad Kingdom. This is a royal palace and is acknowledged for its mural speaks regarding the grandeur of the period in which this kund was constructed. It has many temples that surround this temple. Brahm Kund is must visit tourist attraction in Bhavnagar.

Tadhavraj Hill

Just on the confluence of Talaji and Shatrunai on the hillock, there is a town located Talaja. Carved out amid the hills, there are assorted Buddhist monasteries and caves which were constructed thousands of years ago. Up on the hills is a famous Jain temple, called the Tadhavraj Temple.

Takhteshwar Temple

Located on the hillock, in the heart of the city, this well known landmark is a famous Shiva Temple that was constructed in the year 1893. Named after the patron Takht Singh ji, this temple has a marble courtyard and an impeccable surrounding landscape.

Gopnath Beach

Located on Gulf of Khambat, there is a beach called the Gopnath Beach. Known for being the summer residence of Gohil invaders, this place is acknowledged for its exquisite beauty, impeccable flora, and fauna, pristine limestone cliffs which abound on this sea shore. Gopnath Beach is 75 kms away from Bhavnagar in Gujarat. The place is well suited for individuals who look for individual peace and tranquility. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this beach is must visit tourist attraction.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – Connecting Bhavnagar to Ahmadabad and Mumbai, there are assorted domestic flights.
  • Through Road – One can also board private luxury air conditioned coaches or state transport buses that connect Bhavnagar to Mumbai, Ahmadabad and other major cities of Gujarat. It is 200 kilometers away from Bhavnagar while is 791 kms away from Mumbai.
  • Through Railways – Bhavnagar is nearly 777 kms away from Mumbai en route Ahmadabad as it is located on Western Railway Line.

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Gopnath Mahadev Temple
Gopnath Mahadev Temple
Gopnath Mahadev Temple
Gopnath Mahadev Temple
Gopnath Mahadev Temple
Gopnath Mahadev Temple

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