Forts In Gujarat

One of the highly discussed entertaining and mesmerising natural spots in India with regards to travel destinations is Gujarat and the place is indeed known for its culture rich and humongous heritage characteristics. Predominantly categorised for places hosting some of the exotic forts and vibrant monuments, the state of Gujarat is infused with exceptional historical events and backed by the brilliance of its ancient architecture. Cherished memories have always been the result of visiting Gujarat and its staggering sculptures coupled with adventurous terrains are truly to be experienced once in a lifetime.

Representing the bold face of Gujarat is the might of monuments, forts and Palaces that speak for the rich history hosted. Although a number of major religions namely Hinduism, Islam and European style is very much showcased on the works pertaining to architecture and traditional artifacts, Forts and monuments do exhibit the language of its history and culture. One of the many famous forts spread across Gujarat is situated in Ahmadabad and its builder Sultan Ahmed Shah named the fort after ‘Bhadra’ who happens to be a Hindu Goddess, also otherwise known as an incarnation of ‘Kali’ under the Hindu religion. Constructed during the medieval period in 1411, the Bhadra Fort along with Teen Darwaja are major tourist attractions. Visitors witness the Teen Darwaja or the triple gate which was once used as an entrance to the Bhadra fort and the colourful windows placed all over Bhadra fort is also considered to be an eye-catching part besides its arches incorporating rare inscriptions.

The magnificent forts spread across the land of Gujarat are mated to prestigious history and the classic blend of Hindu, Islam and European engineering with regards the construction methodology is by far very unique and dashing.

Famous Forts in Gujarat

Lakhota Fort: Jamnagar

Reported to have served as the Royal Palace of Nawnagar King, the Lakhota Fort is known for its impressive beauty that holds most of the sculptures and ornaments utilized from the 9th and the18th century.  Hosting a circular shape, the renowned Lakhota Fort bestows bastions, turrets and a pavilion coupled with a guard room that once housed the sword, powder flasks and musket loops.

Pavagadh Fort – Panchmahal District near Baroda

Amidst a number of monuments present, the Pavagadh Fort is very distinct standing quite distinct on a mountainous terrain. The Fort is very much an attractive spot and is quite effortless to reach from regions such as Baroda and Ahmadabad. It is usually Hindus and Jains who often enter the Pavagadh Fort for its rich religious nature bestowed. Legends surrounding the Pavagadh Fort reveal that Sultan Muhammad Beghada came up with a city that encompassed the fort and it was christened as ‘Champaner’. It is believed to have been a strategy that ideally involved a siege on the Pavagadh fort.

Uparkot Fort – Junagadh

Having come across a number of historic events over Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, social movements of Nawabi besides the colonization by the British, Uparkot Fort came to life during the medieval era with the on-set of Nawabi rules laid by Mohammad Beghda and the much respected Hindu Chudasama leaders. What’s left of it today are the ruins of a mosque and an intricate pattern over its entrance towards the fort. Known physical factors are that the Uparkot fort comprises a wall that’s 20 meters in height and descends deep to almost 300ft in few notable places. The remains of the place also include a Jama Masjid and Buddhist caves of the 2nd century AD.

Old Fort – Surat

Dating far back to the ruling days of Muhammad Tughlak who precisely dictated from 1325 to 1351 was the key person who raised a fort in Surat for local protection from tribals named as ‘Bhils’. Such a fort today is defined as the Old Fort of Surat. Standing as tough contenders and fighting against the Mughal conquerors, the Old Fort was captured by King Chhatrapati Shivaji twice and today the place simply rests as a public municipal office of the region.


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