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Taranga Fort Mehsana

Gujarat itinerary remains incomplete without a trip to Mehsana. The place is endowed with diversified attractions which will not only leave you spellbound but enrich your knowledge base too. Mehsana is preferred as an excursion spot because of the vast range of knowledge it has to offer. The place is considered to be the abode of around hundred Jain temples whose architectural splendor and rich history are truly mesmerizing as well as interesting. Of these, the Taranga Fort deserves special mention. What enthralls tourists about this place is its serenity and peaceful ambiance.

The Taranga fort derives its name from the fort like structure which was built around a Jain temple, with walls having thickness of around six feet. The fort of Tarangadh was built with the main aim was to protect the temple from intrusions. As you enter the premises, fresh cool breeze from the Taranga hills welcomes you. Though less ventured till date by tourists, the Taranga Fort definitely deserves a place in your tour itinerary for its architectural elegance and fascinating ambiance.  The five meter tall structure of Shri Ajithnath inside the temple is mesmerizing indeed and justifies the all encompassing silence and tranquility.


The hisroty of Taranga Fort dates back to 12th century when the Solanki king, Kumarpala, decided to build this outstandingly beautiful temple as his expression of tribute towards the 2nd Jain tirthankar, Shri Ajitnath. The fort wall was constructed strong so that it could protect the main shrine. During 16th century Emperor Akbar took some initiative to renovate the temple. This is one temple which is visited by both the Jain sects, i.e. Digambaras and Shevatambaras, which is another unique aspect.

Taranga Fort Attractions

Taranga Hills – located on the Aravalli range and having a height of around 1200 feet, is known not only for its serene beauty but profound Buddhist connections. The cave Jogida ni Gufa is a proof of this fact.  Buddhist cultures and motifs inside the cave will surely enchant you.  Not only inside but you will also notice more such beautiful sculptures outside, on your way to the cave. Apart from caves and temples, the dense wild forest of Taranga Hills is a sure attraction for nature and adventure lovers.

Taranmata Shrine – is a small temple which is located around a mile away from the main temple. However, many tourists avoid the place because of its extreme height. Nearby the temple you can visit the holy Samadhi of Jain Acharyas who attained enlightenment here. The Samadhi is known as the Siddhashila.

Lord Hanuman Temple – located near the main temple is worth visiting too because of the beautiful statue of Lord Hanuman, made of glistening black marble.

Kotishila – is another important temple, apart from Taranmata, which is located on Taranga hills. A Jain temple built in the style of a Muslim mausoleum is unique indeed. Inside you will find the statue of the 19th Jain Tirthankar Mallinathji. Many saints have chosen this site for meditation and penance.

How to Reach Taranga

By Road

You can avail of bus service or private vehicles on rent from any of your preferred locations like Mehsana, Ahmedabad, Siddhpur, Patan or Ambaji. The approximate distance of Tanranga from Ahmedabad is 130 Kilometers, from Ambaji shrine 50 Kilometers and 56 Kilometers from Mehsana. The bus service is available till Timba from where you can hire a private jeep or a shared one. The rate is reasonable, for sharing it is Rs.5/- per person.

By Rail

Major railway stations near to Taranga are Visnagar, Mehsana, Vijapur and Unjha; at an approx. distance of 38 – 60 kilometers.  A local train service is also available from Mehsana to Taranga but it takes 2 hrs. to reach. From the railway station, temple distance is 5 km.

By Air

The only Airport nearest to Taranga is Ahmedabad, at an approximate distance of 125 kilometers.

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Taranga Fort Mehsana
Taranga Fort Mehsana
Taranga Fort Mehsana
Taranga Fort Mehsana
Taranga Fort Mehsana
Taranga Fort Mehsana

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