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Pavagadh Fort Panchmahal

Pavagadh is a hill station in the;Panchmahal district;of the state of Gujarat in western India. It is at a distance of about 46 km from;Vadodara. The forts and palaces of Gujarat showcase extraordinary architecture with an unusual blend of Islamic, Hindu and European cultures. Some important forts are Uparkot Fort, Dabhoi Fort and Pavagadh Fort.

The Pavagadh Fort is a very popular tourist spot which represents the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of Gujarat. It was once the palace of the rulers of the Solanki kingdom. Tourists from various parts of the country and world are attracted by the fort’s beautiful architecture. In fact, this fort is considered as one of the most exquisite pieces of architecture in India.The Pavagadh hill station is largely frequented by people from the Hindu and Jain communities because of the large number of temples.

The Fort is located at the top of a hill in Ahmedabad. The surrounding area is quite a rocky terrain because of the numerous hills all around.An ideal time to visit the Pavagadh Fort is during the months between October and March.


It has been said that VanrajChavda, the Rajput king, created Champaner at the base of Pavagadh in loving memory of Champa, his wise minister. Later, it was ruled by the PataiRaval family who looked after the boundary. According to folk tales, Mahakali took the form of a lady and danced at a Garba function during the Navaratri festival. The last of the Patais, Jaisinh watched her in an indecent way. This angered the deity and she cursed him. As a consequence, the Moghul emperor of Gujarat, Mahmud Begada attacked Pavagadh and took over the hills on the boundary.

After Patai was defeated and killed, Mahmud Begada moved capital from Ahmedabad city to Champaner for a while time due to diplomatic reasons. He brought about town development by construction of buildings such as the Champaner fort, the Uohra mosque, Kirtistambh, Mandavi, the Shalkh temple, Jama Masjid, Kevda Mosque and Nagina Mosque. The remnants of the Begada Palace can still be found near the VadTalav (also called Banyan Pond) which is two kilometers from Champaner.

Pavagadh Attractions

Lakulisa Temple

The Lakulisa Temple at Pavagadh is probably the earliest known Hindu temple.This temple dates back to the 10th-11th century. Its remnants still exist at;Pavagadh.\

Mahakali Temple

The Mahakali temple at Pavagadh is a famous centre of pilgrimage for both Muslims and Hindus. Hundreds of pilgrims go to this temple each day to invoke the blessings of the Goddess Mahakalika who is the temple’s principal goddess. In spite of her frightening appearance, this goddess is believed to fulfilall the wishes of her faithful devotees. This temple is also considered to be good for educational excursions. The lower floor of the temple houses the idol of GoddessMahakali and the top floor is considered sacred to Muslims.

Gate of the Fort Walls

The Gate of the Fort Walls refers to the gates around the;Pavagadh;Fort. The primary gates are the Atak Gate, the Machi Gate, the Budhiya Gate and importantly, the Moti&Sadan Shah Gate which is made of solid rock.

How to Reach Pavagadh

By Air

The closest domestic airport to Pavagadh is at Vadodara. There are flights to all major Indian cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Goa from Vadodara. Ahmedabad is another airport nearby which connects to Delhi, Mumbai and other major Indian cities by air. Ahmedabad also links to Muscat, New York and London.

By Rail

The closest railway station is at Vadodara. There are trains from here to all parts of the state and other cities in the country.

By Road

Since Pavagadh is near Vadodara, you can use bus services to and from Vadodara and other major cities in the state. You can also use bus services fromPavagadh to Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Nasik and Pune via Vadodara.The other modes of transport are auto rickshaws, tourist buses, taxis and rented cars.

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Pavagadh Fort Panchmahal
Pavagadh Fort Panchmahal
Pavagadh Fort Panchmahal
Pavagadh Fort Panchmahal
Pavagadh Fort Panchmahal
Pavagadh Fort Panchmahal

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